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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flip-Flops and Flitting

Here is a picture of March's quiltlet, it is quite small (as usual, a bad picture).  It is red, white and blue for DC.

This morning I met some of the other kindergarten moms to stuff Easter Eggs.  After that I wandered down to DSW to look at summer shoes.  I love summer shoes.  I am a big fan of flip-flops.  They had two complete aisles of flip-flops.  Whoohoo.  I oohed and aahed and bought two pair.  I walked farther down the mall to the pedicure place where I have a gift certificate, but they had no openings.  I don't have freshly painted toes to go with the shoes.  You can't have everything in life.

I am flitting around the house and yard like a butterfly.  I can't seem to stay with one thing for very long.  A little quilting, a little laundry, a little sweeping, a little reading means a whole lot of nothing being accomplished.  It is a good day to enjoy the sunshine. It is one of those days where it is warmer outside than inside, the pets and I are following the sun from room to room.  I am going to hang up the hummingbird feeder, I just decided!

On Monday Ned and I took a nature walk.  I haven't been down to the meadow in ages.  It was rainy, but quite fun.  Ned showed me some of his favorite things.  I didn't realize quite how far and wide the boys wander.  He showed my stick nasty, the creepy woods, the haunted house, goose poop, a huge ant nest and a decaying deer carcas.  I showed him a wood pecker, magnolia blooms, the neighbors espaliered camelias, an interesting wood pattern, and brought along the clippers so he could make a bouquet for Ellen's birthday.  The flowers were his idea and not mine.  We both had a wonderful time.

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  1. Happy, happy birthday to Ellen, belated. I should remember her BD as it is the same day as David's. We spent the weekend with David and Nanette and the kids and celebrated his BD on Sunday. I like the picture of Ellen with her cake. What a thoughtful brother, Ned, to choose and pick flowers for his sister for her BD. Next will be Ian's birthday. May it be a happy one too, Ian. Our family has many April BD's. Brooke's is April 6, Jalen April 14, Nick's Lindsey April 4, Emma April 28 and Tyler April 30.
    I enjoy your pictures Toni, as well as your blog. Love to you all.