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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When people ask me "what are you up to" or "what's going on in your life" I always reply "nothing" or "I can't think of anything exciting."  Well, I decided to make the change and recognize I do have interesting tidbits to share.

Sunday I went to a talk given by Jay McCarroll.  He was the winner of season 1 "Project Runway".  He was funny, quirky, incredibly honest and therefore somewhat self-destructive.  I have been pondering the oddness of the crowd.  He had groupies.  People were sycophantically laughing at everything he said.  I was laughing also, but not with the same manic fervor.  One woman asked him if he had a retirement fund and health insurance.  Another annoying woman asked to take pictures of all his stuff to put on Instagram.

My weird claim to fame is now I have met two "Project Runway" winners.  I met Christian Ciriano at a breast cancer function.  He was a teeny, tiny turd of a human being.

Thing 2 is covered with little round bruises.  Turns out he and his friend were shooting each other with the air-soft rifles.  I am going to add this was not done on my watch. 

Thing 3 regaled me with his latest song entitled "The Golden Sausage."  It was not racy, but I can't get an image of Freddie Mercury out of my head. 

My 50 state book challenge is complete, except for half of New Mexico.  I read fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poems, classics and trash.  I had more good reads than bad reads, Missouri stands out as particularly lame.  The hardest state to find a book about was South Dakota.  I really tried to have no re-reads, but had three.  Alaska and Alabama were on purpose and Montana was accidental.  Next year will be challenge free.

Juno and Minnow have brought me a present every day this week.  Minnow was responsible for mouse parts all over the back patio I am pretty sure.  Juno doesn't seem to be into dismemberment.  I appreciate the decreased rodent population and their love, but gross!