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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pet Stories

My friend has a dog that arrived from a rescue. They gave her a name and that is all they know of her. Every now and then when they are having a conversation and say a word she goes crazy. My friends are always trying to guess her real name that way. Is your name Green Bean? Is your name Island? Is your name Curtain Rod? She will lie back down and act like nothing has happened.

Two weeks ago I adopted Rain. She originally came to the vet with the name Rice. Both names have no story I can determine. It is bothering me she has no story. I know it has a dark and scary part, I don't like dark and scary. I found another evidence of it last night. I feel sick with sadness I am part of the problem, my sister got her a new collar. Rain has started that Labrador "mad licking" thing they do. I have been trying to Nancy Drew my way through the problem. I took off the new collar and discovered a massive, disgusting sore. Two weeks of additional collar rubbing must have been hurting like hades. It is gross, it don't do gross very well. I am taking her to the vet on Monday. I hope with the pain of the sore healing she will stop licking. She is licking raw spots on her legs, it is making me feel terrible. She has seemed so much better and now I am not sure.

I think her story includes an owner which house trained her and used a leash for walks. But she doesn't beg, come in the kitchen for treats, play with toys, want to be on the furniture or couch, do stairs. I don't think she was part of a family. I have had my other pets since they were puppies or kittens. They have their distinct personalities, but also our family collective is imprinted on them. They follow the sun from room to room, know the sound of ice cream being taken from the freezer, avoid the back room with the furnace, recognize the bus by time and sound. You say "bone or ball" and Hoover brings you one. Hoover answers to "Hoo-Hoo", because it was what Ian called him as a baby. Minnow acts like a spoiled baby and rules the house. Minnow is in the middle of all the high-jinx. Juno is the "Charcoal Ninja" and lurks around.

I hope Rain had these things and she only forgot them in her "dark time". I hope we can give her all these happy memories in the time she is with us. I want to us tell the "Rain" stories - GOOD and bad. Although I will pass on the bad memory of Riley eating a Fisher Price football man and being blocked up for days.
Rain and the Grody Sore