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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Sewing Room and Misc. Projects

I love my little sewing room.  It is very cozy, cluttered and colorful.  It is a comfortable room.  No matter what season, the room gets lots of light.  I always have a beautiful view.  Right now in spring the climbing hydrangea is in full bloom.  The flowers are white and smell so nice.  There are two birds nests, so I am watching the birds fly back and forth to feed the babies.  I can smell the honeysuckle and the sweet william.  In the summer I get the morning sun with shade the rest of the day.  The view is dense trees and a little glimpse of the meadow.  The fall has all the beautiful colors and an opening view.  In many ways the winter view is my favorite.  I can see the entire meadow, pond and neighbor's houses.  It is much more stark obviously, but I love the lines of the trees.  It is a wonderful little room.

The kids love this room also.  I have a few special toys that stay in that room.  They play with the little igloo and eskimos or do pop-beads.  My friend Betsy gave me this fun magnetic puzzle that really keeps them entertained.  They love the pens, pieces of fabric, buttons, paper and scissors the best.  We all find it soothing to be in there.  It gets mighty crowded with the four of us and Hoover in there, but it is a pleasant crowded. 

I have been filling up the walls with Mother's Day pictures,  small quilts I made, cards and little mementos.  I try to spend a little bit of time in there every day.   It is a little oasis amidst the chaos of a happy, noisy family life.

I painted the silk worm casings and was quite disappointed with them. In my head I picture them totally different and I don't know how to do what I want.  I have six more eggs to play with.  I bought glitter glue at a quilt show.  It is a glue for scrapbooking, but the woman said it adds a nice touch to quilts that won't be washed.   It is called "Stickles".  I tried it on the casings, to jazz them up.  The glue is nice.  It feels like glitter dust, spreads evenly and squeezes out nicely.  It isn't gloppy, very sheer.  It has helped with the casings, although they aren't dry yet.  The glue does seem to dry quickly though.  I thought I had a picture of the casings without the glue, but of course I can't find it.  Here is a picture of two casings drying.  I am going to sew them together with floss and beads and it will be some decorative who-knows-what.
My May quilt is up on the refrigerator.  May had a lot of frog and tadpole talk.  A highlight of May is the pool opening, so my quilt celebrates the backyard.  I had to include the giant dragonfly.

One last thing I have been working on is graduation cards.   I am not a scrapbooker or card maker, but Ned is on this cards -for -money -scheme.  He originally told me the money would go to Haiti and then decided it would be better if the money went to him.  We bought paper to make cards this summer.  Don't be surprised if he asks you to buy some, run if you see him coming.  Although, they should be nice, we are going to marbleize with shaving cream.  I made a card for my neighbor and a nephew.  It was a good excuse to buy fun pens and paper!!  After looking at all the cool papers, I almost wished I did do paper projects.  NO MORE HOBBIES ALLOWED!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of Those Days

I just had one of those crazy days.  It started with forgetting the numbing cream for chemo.  I drove home to get it.  I drove out to have lunch with Ian, but he was finishing up.  I drove to Party City, but they didn't have what I wanted.  I came home to the laundry room being flooded.  Hopefully, I fixed the problem.  I then dog sat and the dog did a giant poop in the house.  Lastly, I arranged a ride for Ellen to her dance recital so I could start my Swim Across America training class.  The class starts next week.  I missed Ellen's dance recital for nothing.  A big storm is rolling in, which means the kids won't fall asleep until the thunder and lightning are over. 

Speaking of sleeping, every now and then I take an Ambien to help me sleep.  I usually take one on Sunday nights, so I face the week well rested.  I don't know why, but periodically it makes me loopy.  It gives me a nice little buzz, before I crash and burn for the night.   This doesn't happen each time, kinda too bad.  Late, late, late Sunday night a group of college friends called to talk and I was totally out of it.  I didn't remember the call until driving into work.  I swear they mentioned they were going to Fiji.  I called them back, but no answer, so maybe they are really in Fiji.  The other weird thing is Ellen and Ian were both in my room.  I have no clue why or what they were doing.   I have no idea what I talked about with my friends.  The whole episode is foggy.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestI started reading Stieg Larsson's new book, even though I am in the middle of another book.  I really want to see how this ends.  I have several friends waiting for me to finish, so they can read my copy.  One friend is like 137th on the check-out list at the library.  I should finish quickly.  Larsson sets up slowly and I find the names confusing, but then it really picks up.  Lisbeth is such a compelling character.

Holey Crapoley was it hot today.  I like hot weather, but it was an August day.  The pools will all be heating up nicely with this heat.  The kids go in no matter the temperature.  I was numbing my sore feet in the pool a couple of nights ago, I think it is a couple of degrees warmer.

True Blood is on On Demand - whoohoo!  I have been catching up, getting ready for season 3.  It is so incredibly rawnchy, but laugh outloud funny.  Excellent casting for this series!  Enough with the Maenid though!   I missed the season finale of LOST. The show is on Tuesdays, so why was the finale on Sunday night?  They just had to be extra confusing.  Quite a few friends are disappointed.  I think I read they are reshowing the last episode this Sunday night, so hopefully this is true and I can watch it.  It isn't on the computer yet, or I just can't find it.  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Largess and Lasagne

Lately I have been commenting to people, that things are just getting too big.  I don't mean just fast food, I mean every day, common items.  For example, I went to a wine tasting party and the hostess' labrador was the biggest one I have ever seen.  He weighed 110 lbs and that was after the 20 he had just lost.  He was not fat at all, just enormous.  He made Hoover look puny.  The raspberries and blackberries are jumbo.  Yesterday, I bought the biggest strawberrries, because that is all they had.  That is a full sized lime, not a key lime - I swear.  It is weird. 

Today in downtown Bethesda I passed a newsstand with the following header.  This was too good to pass up!  I guess I will have to vote on the side of bigger being better.

Maddy and I made lasagnes last night.  We had a production line going.  We had gone shopping together and then came home to assemble them.  We had a good time.   I delivered a meal to a friend starting up again with the breast cancer crud, it makes me mad, mad, mad. 

I finished the May quilt, but forgot to take a picture.  It is officially too late for me to go back downstairs and take one.  It is officially lay on the bed and read quilt magazines time.  My friend loaded me up with "Quilter's Home" and "Real Simple" - hoorah.  It has become the time of night that unless there is fire, flood, vomit or blood I do not want to be disturbed.  Somehow this never works, I was just bothered over a spider.  A spider in the hallway mind you, not even in a bedroom.   Arghh!!  If the kids had been in their beds in their rooms, they would not have discovered a spider in the hallway.  The cat went that way, maybe he will eat it.

Chummi Bear in Bethesda and Virginia

Chummi Bear visited Bethesda for a birthday Brunch.  Check out this cake he saw at a local bakery.

He then traveled down to VA to do a good deed for a friend.  Here he is playing with Alexandra and Isabella.
Chummi has one more local stop and then he is traveling cross country.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Damselfly and Bight

Last night as we were leaving for a barbecue, I noticed a dragonfly in the breezeway.  It was enormous and I haven't seen one like it before.  Ned picked it up and we realized it was still alive.  Ned carried it out of the breezeway and it flew off.  I was telling this story at dinner and a friend said it could be a damselfly.  I have never heard of damselflies, what a great name!  I think I should come up with a new line of toys or a children's  book centered around damselflies who are saved from dragonflies!
Miss Ellie participated in a 6th grade triathalon.  She was the swimmer in her team of three.  Alyssa and Shannon were her teammates.  This was an awesome event.  The 6th graders were so proud of themselves.  The kids cheered each other on and were so supportive.  So many parents came out to watch their kids participate, it was exciting to watch the kids cross the finish line. They didn't make a deal of scores, but the top four winners were all girls!!  FLOWER POWER!!   I stayed and ate lunch with the girls and then volunteered for a couple of hours in Ned's room.  I wandered over to visit Ian who was finishing up his Statue of Liberty made from found items.   I love the kids school!  Chummi went to cheer on El.

I got a bite guard and absolutely love it.  In my sleep I have been clenching my teeth and cracking them.  I had to get a crown due to a cracked tooth.  I put this thing in and it has made a world of difference in my sleeping. Turns out millions of people have a bite guard, I swear I live under a rock.   I was having a brain fart though and couldn't remember if bite used to be spelled bight.  I just wasn't sure if it had gone the way of donuts and lite.  In fact, it has not.  Bight is a small bay or a loop in a rope. I have never heard bight used either of these ways, so I have learned two new words.

I got two quilts back from a longarm quilter I heard of on FB.  Turns out she lives in College Place, WA.  She happened to be visiting a friend out here and so hand delivered my quilts.  Her mom was along to attend a breast cancer conference in DC.  I really enjoyed meeting both of them.  My quilts aren't bound yet, but here are the pictures. The pink one I am donating to "Pink on the Links" and the blue one is from an MAQ class. In July I am attending MAQ again with Amanda, I am really looking forward to it!

I am off do some quilting.  I have assembled all the squares for Dr. Fetting's quilt.  I am going to do my favorite part and arrange all the squares on the design wall.  I have also started my May quilt block and hope to finish it.  After that I  am off to buy a tail for the pool vacuum.  Just like any kind of tail, the kids love to pull it.  I am always shrieking at them to not touch it, because all that pool gear costs a fortune to replace. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Knick Knack and Target

Ned was singing "knick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone", Ellen asked me if Michael Jackson wrote that song.  We were in the middle of coming and going and I said no, but I have really been wondering why she asked that.  I want to know what the connection is, where the leap was made?  I think the only think Michael Jackson was playing knick knack with is something that rhymes with weenis.  That wasn't nice of me, poor Michael Jackson.

My sister is still having headaches and has now decided to eliminate the possibility it could be something in her house.  She has decided to sleep in a tent in her front yard for a week - http://yetiak.blogspot.com.  For me, sleeping in a tent in the front yard for a week would give me a headache.  I would have to check into the Howard Johnson.

Sadly, I have to report that "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" gets added to the "Read and Vomit" list.  It should be on a "Read and Snore" list, but I am not starting another list.  It is so boring.  It reads like a text book journal.  I heard from Candace, my card swapper, that the "Pride and Prejudice" take-off is a total snooze also.  Very disappointing!!  I guess the only good thing about the read is I have learned quite a bit about Lincoln and his speeches.

Today's conversation with the kids might go something like this:

"Mom, what did you do today?"

Why, thanks for asking, I made a blanket for a bear and he wasn't even cold."

"Mom, why are there no clean clothes in drawers?  Why is there dog fur all over the carpet?  Why are we having bagels for dinner - again?  Why did you buy cookies, instead of make them, for my special snack for tomorrow? Why have you not showered?"

"I was painting silk worm casings with liquid watercolor."

"Mom, do you think you might be weirder than our friend's moms?"

"No, why would you think that?"

I am actually lying, I did accomplish one thing today.  I went to Target.  I have not been to Target in ages, because I like to go there too much and get over-exuberant purchasing cute but schlocky gear.   The Target by my house is remodeling to carry food, so they have squeezed every thing else into the other departments.  The aisles were so narrow that barely one cart could go through.  The girls clothing section was not passable with a cart.  I can't drive the cart (we called them buggies growing up) well when the store isn't crammed, so today I was knocking all kinds of crap onto the floor.  I am not returning until I think all this construction is completed.  I lied twice, I then went to Giant.  I don't know what is up with them, but they have the opposite problem.  There is a shortage of food at the store on Reisterstown.  Is everyone but Target keeping smaller inventories?  Is everyone in Pikesville on a diet but me?

I took a break and came back to the "edit posts" section and this was one of the un-published posts.  I wonder which kid did this.  I don't know what it is, but sounds a bit like bee-bop.  "red bells and frells night have been spread it apart the kids are leaning its one third no less He likes them maam its already you said berservk  flab t flubbun a martmart  allie  out out oit you tell us the superrate."

I hung up the birdhouse and it doesn't look to bad.  We shall see how long it stays up in the tree, I hung it up  with gimp.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chummi Bear in Baltimore

Chummi arrived safely to Charm City.  He had his photo taken with an arrangement of peonies from the Day School.  Baltimore has the most glorious peonies in spring.  The smell is heavenly.

Tedium and a Weenie

We have been really busy.  I can't say there is anything to show for it or even report on, but we have had a lot going on.  There is not much glory, excitement or sometimes enjoyment in all the activities to be accomplished.  As parents, grown-ups, responsible citizens, good students we do them.  Quite truthfully I often do them with little grace or cheerfulness, but at the end of the day we all have an interesting family memory.  I am always relieved to hear the kids don't remember my transgressions and thankfully I don't remember theirs.  Although, I haven't heard the end of the broccoli and cheese casserole transgression, but I consider that rant justified.  I think broccoli cheese casserole is one of the most demonic mom inventions ever, fortunately I am not the one who scarred my kids for life. I am also not the one who had to see the barf-up back on the plate, so I can guffaw over the event.  As an adult,  I am still scarred over a revolting hamburger, corn and tomato gakerole my mom would make, it still causes a gag reflex. 

I heard a quote yesterday that applies to parenthood as well as medicine.  "It is called the 'practice of medicine' for a reason, nothing is absolute."  I keep practicing being a good parent, pet owner (the cat food bowl is empty), family member and friend.  I guess the thing about life is not every minute, hour, day or year is fun, you just keep at it and clicheingly take the good with the bad.  

A good portion of the running around has involved lacrosse.  I am a fairweather fan.  I think America's manic sports attitude is insane.  As we watched in the pouring rain last night, I realized that lacrosse is too violent for me.  I HATE watching my nine year old whacking and being whacked on by other kids.  Ian got a yellow flag for pushing.  One of the other moms congratulated me for Ian's aggressiveness, this does not fly with me.  I feel fair play is more important than goals.  It seems a fine line in contact sports.  As more and more athletes are being charged with violent acts in their personal lives, I think we need to return to fair play and good sportsmanship.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blow-Outs and Japanes Erasers

I say this all the time, but I really shouldn't pay attention to the news.  The latest thing bothering me is the oil spill.  "The blow-out preventers" did not work according to BP.  First off, that is the dumbest name.  Second of all, of course they didn't.  The term blow-out means it cannot be prevented,  every parent learns this fact early, early, early on in their infants life.  A blow-out cannot ever be controlled, predicted, anticipated or diverted! The only thing you can do is plan.  Every parent carries extra diapers, wipes, pants, socks, shirts and usually in triplicate.  No matter what you do a blow-out is always monumental.  It is impossible for me to believe that the rig didn't have three or four stop-gap, oh shit! measures.  They are all acting surprised that this could happen. 

The kids are into Japanese erasers.  A year ago I gave each kid one of them as a little gift.  None of the kids were particularly interested.  I thought they were adorable, clever and kitschy.  Now, they are the hottest thing ever.  Ned literally tore the house apart yesterday looking for the erasers I had bought last year.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  He pulled out every drawer, box, bag, container that he could find and of course had to dump them.  Ian burst out sobbing that everyone has them but him.  Last week we had this sobbing over those rubber bracelets.  We need summer to arrive to break the cycle of annoying fads, at least a three month break.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Epoxy and Tadpoles

Ned is home today, because he had a follow-up appt. from his concussion.  We have had a wonderful day together.  After the doctor, he came with me to get my eyebrows waxed.  I had a gift certificate from my class.  I know this is psycho--logical but my eyebrows were weighing me down.  My eyebrows really didn't grown in well after chemo, but they were feeling like fuzzy caterpillars.  Ned went along for the waxing and stated the obvious, "mom, no one looks at your eyebrows". 

We then went to the hardware store so I can complete the birdhouse.  I wanted to screw in a hook to hang it.  The hardware guy told me no way can you screw into metal.  He talked me into a hook/bolt combo and epoxy.  Well, I think glueing is a skill you are born with.  I epoxyed my hands together, the two knives to each other, the paper towels to the bag, the ruler to the pencil, and my bracelets to each other.  The only thing that doesn't appear to have adhered is the hook/bolt to the birdhouse and it looks bad.  Not the clean hook I had envisioned in my head.   My hands are still slightly tacky.  I also realized that the back of the birdhouse is really heavy.  I am not sure I put the bolt in a place that will balance the birdhouse.  It might list.  I am overly ambitious in my endeavors, the details trip me up.

One of the pre-school teachers asked us if we had any tadpoles on the pool cover and I hadn't seen any.  Ned and I came home today and he discovered thousands of them  We scooped up a bucketful and have them ready to take into the four year-olds.  In the midst of the scooping, the handyman comes by.  He had never seen tadpoles before -for real life.  Ned had to explain about tadpoles and the legs falling off, nature boy was in his element.   He and Ellen are now out there filling up more buckets. The pool guys open the pool on Sunday, so the tadpoles will be dumped into the yard.  If anyone local has a pond and wants tadpoles, we gottem.

I got my postcard from the magazine swap that I did.  The card I received is really neat.  It is painted and  hand drawn with ink, no stencilling.  The  artist then sewed on a border.  I am going to hang it up in my sewing room.  My postcard is on the left, the one I received on the right.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Reads and Gazpacho

Ned and I just got back from BJ's.  There is always an adventure with Ned along.  Some guy was doing a raffle to win a necklace, if I had been alone I would have walked on by.  But with Ned along we had to participate.  So we stood with all the other dorks and shouted out whoopee to practice our winning.  Ned was having the best time with the drama and excitement of the moment.  We did not win, but that really didn't matter.  I keep saying Ned has a joi de vivre, every moment is enjoyed.

At BJ's I strolled down the book aisle and bought the best book.  I haven't read it yet, but I love the entire concept.  It really makes me chuckle.  I can't wait to start reading it.  This is a book that I am going into with low expectations, but hope to be pleasantly surprised.  The author has two books out.  I went to Amazon to read the reviews.  His first book has a boatload of reviews.  The purists of course hate it.  Jane Austen fans are rabid in their devotion.  I am coming out with fighting words, "I find her books tedious."  Seth Grahame-Smith's first book is called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".  Totally awesome.  His second book, which is what I picked up is, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter".  Check out the jacket picture, on the back he is holding a vampire head.   I can't start reading it until I finish "Cloud Atlas", which is a really great book.  I did not know the Japanese sent over balloon bombs during WWII.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterPride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!

Speaking of Jane Austen, I ordered a signed copy of this book.  It arrives at the end of the month.  I thought Ellen might like to read it also.  I wonder what Jane Austen would think of Twilight.  I also wonder how many Twilight readers decided to slog through  her books based on Bella's love of Austen.  "Northanger Alibi" sounds like a good read. 
Northanger Alibi

We have had a very lazy Mother's Day.  Ellen and Ian are napping, a very rare occurrence.  We had friends over for lunch and have just been hanging out.  Ned and Ian made me pictures and Ellen gave me a card.  I bought myself a wind spinner at BJ's - whoohoo.  Ned wanted me to get the one with a glass ball, but then I discovered the ball comes loose.  That glass ball would have been gone in two minutes.

I made popovers!  The kids never like anything, they declared them EWWW!  I thought they were quite good.  I am going to try making them with parmesan cheese in the center.  I have been intrigued with popovers since eating at Mari Luna's in Pikesville.  It is a latin food restaurant on Reisterstown Road.  They serve popovers with mango butter - delicious.  They also have addictive gazpacho.  It is the best I have ever had.  I could do with a bowl right now!  My food processor either isn't working or it is user error, I keep dragging it out and it won't turn on.   I thought about making gazpacho, but not without a processor.  I know you can make it in the blender, but Mari Luna's gazpacho has a uniform texture.  All the ingredients are minced, not blended.  Eddie's has good gazpacho, Atwaters is too chunky.  I don't like big pieces of onion.  Mari Luna's really is the best. 

Tomorrow is the start of a busy, busy week. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red and Read

I finished my red silk quilt.  Up until I took the picture I kept saying it really wasn't red.  The quilt has a lot of browns and oranges.  To me it just was not a red quilt.  I took a lousy picture as usual, but this quilt is RED!  I am going to have it quilted, it is so nice and I don't want to goof it up.

Back in February I did a pendant swap with "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine.  I used paper, Angelina fiber and beads.  I tried to do something out of my norm.  I got a very nice pendant back, but the funny thing is it looks like I made it.  The pendant looks like my textile smiles.  I was hoping for something wild and crazy.
My TS is on the left, the new pendant on the right.  I enjoyed making something and the anticipation of getting something back.  The next swap is to make a small gift, to be exchanged before the holidays.  I will see if I have any inspired ideas, nothing today.

I read the latest book in one of my trashy vampire series.  Now I have to wait two more years for another one.  Getting hooked on series is really a bummer.  I get so into the books I read, that I walk around in a void for a few days.  I am just not ready to give the characters up.

Ned had a lacrosse game this morning, but he and Ellen were sound asleep.  I didn't have the heart to wake them up.  Ian was at a friend's house and had a lacrosse game as well.  His dad took him, so Thing One and Thing Three really had a nice lounging day.  I have to say, so did I.  It is really windy, and I do not like the wind.  A perfectly glorious day to sit inside, sew and look at the pretty day- but not be blown away.

We are getting ready to drive Ellen to a birthday party and then the wild ones and I are going to embarass (am I spelling this right?) her to death - OMG.  The party is at the movie theater and since we are out there, we are going to the movie also.  I pinkie swore we would not sit near her, look at her, acknowledge her in anyway, we do not exist.  I am going to wear a Bhurka.  It really is too bad I don't have an invisibility cloak to throw over the three of us.  I really thought the "my mom is so not cool" phase wouldn't start until around sixteen, boy was I wrong. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chummi Bear Leaves Alaska

Chummi Bear is on his way to Baltimore.  Chummi had one last Alaskan photo he wanted to share.  This flower signals spring has arrived. This beautiful flower is the bloom of a skunk cabbage.  I hope he doesn't arrive in Baltimore stinky. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evil Genius Times Two

Bwahahaha!  I am doing the evil genius/mad scientist laugh.  I have two fiendish plots that I am hatching, nothing this evil can be birthed. 

Evil plot #1

Ellen and I were studying for her Mycenian test.  Which I doubt I have spelled correctly, but Ellen insisted it was Micaneons, this I feel is a less probable spelling.  She is not interested in this subject in the least.  She perked up a little discussing Helen of Troy, but sank down into a stupor after that.  Also, we- meaning Ellen and the tutor, were studying for her math test.  I have no way to gauge if this will go better than the Mycenians.  I am not optimistic on either subject.  Her dad made a deal with her to get her a cell phone if she gets all B's.  The math thing is bringing her chances way down.  My evil plot, which almost had her ballistic, is this:  if she doesn't get all B's then her brothers get cell phones. 

Evil plot #2

Summer is approaching and I am trying to figure out ways to survive hours, days, months of bickering.  He looked at me!  She touched me!  Get out of my room!  That's mine!  Mommmm!  So, as long as I am sleeping they can watch tv.  The minute I have to get up, the tv goes off.  This way the dogs and kids will be fed and I can sleep in every day until 12:00. I think I need breakfast in bed included. 

Genius is so misunderstood.

Tonight is LOST and LAUNDRY night, which actually somewhat coincides.  Where do all the lost socks go?  Ellen never wears matching socks, so it doesn't matter how many socks she has. But, Ned has a stack of socks with no matches.  Ian has two pair of favorite socks from REI, these seem to be magic socks, they only show up in the wash every other week.  I always comment on how thoughtful he is, just saving me having to do more washing.

I have started a new quilt.  I have decided to make one for Dr. Fetting.  He always wears blue and khaki, so originally I was thinking of using William Morris prints.  Instead, I fell in love with a Bali print grouping of green, blue, cream and brown.  Yes, I am using brown.  I really despise brown.  I know many people who love it and it is popular right now, but no-can-do!  The few times I wear brown, I feel like a turd.  Anyway, it has a hint of brown and I like it.   I still have the red silk quilt laid out on the dining room table.  I only have two more rows to assemble.  I then need to do some research.  I need to find out the right batting and backing fabric for silk.  It is really going to be nice.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Accomplishment, Quilting and Confidence

I have enclosed a post from Donald Miller.  I really enjoy his perspective on Christianity and life and I  coincidentally read it the day I was questioning my confidence.  I had overheard two women discussing a project they were working on.  One said, "We have done great work.  I am really proud of us, I feel we have found our calling."  I never really pat myself on the back like that.  I then went to a quilt show and realized that my quilts are really good!  I do a super job and should be really proud of myself.  I don't take compliments well.  I am going to work on it.  I don't recognize my accomplishments.  I am not looking for praise, I just need to hold myself in higher esteem.   I am good at a lot of things and need to stop being so hard on myself. 

About three weeks ago, I was fifty or so flight of stairs into my workout. I’m going to try to climb Mt. Hood in early June. The training has gone okay, but I have my doubts. I’ve not lost the weight I thought I’d lose, to be honest. That happened when I trained to ride my bike across the country, too, and everything turned out fine. And yet I worried. What if I didn’t make it? I started feeling defeated, even with eight more weeks to train. I began to wonder if I had what it took.
But I reasoned with myself. I thought about all that I’d done before, and reminded myself that I had, indeed, ridden a bike across America. Yeah, but, I thought to myself, that doesn’t count.
No kidding. That is what I actually thought. I had to stop for a minute. Now the truth is, I really did ride my bike across America. I rode around 3,000 miles in one summer (you can actually cross in less, but our team took a southern route, then turned north to add some miles for reasons I’ll never understand).
That’s when I realize, I don’t own my successes. So I kept climbing the stairs, and began to reflect on the idea that I will readily accept a failure, even meditate on it, but I won’t accept an accomplishment.
There’s nothing healthy about that.
The truth is, we operate out of who we believe we are. And God needs us to be strong, because there is important work to be done. God isn’t served when we can’t own our own accomplishments. He doesn’t want us arrogant, but He does want us confident. God has delivered us in the past (in partnership with our actions) and He can do so again.
I made a mental list of all my accomplishments. I thought about them as I climbed the stairs that day, and have come back to them sense. I want to learn to own them, so I’ll be prepared the next time I’m challenged, so I won’t be burdened by doubt.
My question to you is, do you own your accomplishments? Do you own your failures? And if you own your failures, and not your accomplishments, why? Does God want you to disregard the memory of the things you’ve done well? I don’t think He does.
Would you mind doing something for me today? Would you pull out a sheet of paper, or open your journal, and list your accomplishments? Just keep a running list, all day. I think you’d be surprised at who you really are. I think you’d be surprised at what God could possibly call on you to accomplish.

Here are the pictures of my latest quilts, my recent accomplishments.  I am actually quite proud of both of them.  I really enjoyed making them and I think they turned out great.  The purple tree quilt is from the Cindy Souder class I took.  It was fun and I finished the quilt!  The salad quilt is my April quilt. Ian and I were discussing what we did in April and he helped my come up with the design.
I went with a friend to a salvage yard named House Werks, it was really interesting.  It is in a cool old building.   I bought a light casing of some kind and I am going to paint it and make into a bird house. Maybe I should modge podge.  I think it will be very cute.  They only had one or I would have bought more.

I also went to the Sheep & Wool Festival today.  I bought some Angelina Fiber and silk worm cocoons.  I see these every year and do nothing about it, this year I bought them.  I think I might dye them red and make them into little Santa Claus ornaments. 

I have included a picture of the caterpillars eating leaves.  You can see the hardened cocoons, the worm is dead inside. It rattles when you shake it.  The better silk is from the cocooms with the worm inside.  The silk cocoons that have a bore hole from the worm make less desirable silk.  You then boil the cocoons and the threads come loose, you throw away the brown caterpillers.  You then can spin the silk roving.  It is a cool process.  I am not going to make thread, I don't know how to spin.  I need no new hobbies.  The silk roving won't felt.  You can needle punch it into the felt in small amounts, accent color.

I also bought a cute little robot made from Sculpey.  Ned likes to do clay, so I thought we could make them this summer.  I won't set the clay on fire next time - oops!  It was exciting and very smelly!  Fortunately, Ned was enough interested in the char-broiled beads and didn't get upset that I ruined them all.

I was only half listening to the radio yesterday, but I swear a restaurant said the special for the week was "flash dried frog legs".  Could this really be possible and edible.  Quite truthfully, WHY?   My pool, which is just leaf scum right now, is full of frogs.  They are so noisy.  I took a flashlight out on Friday to investigate the chatter and there had to have been over twenty of them.  I am definitely not sauteing them up for dinner.  We are not going to take eating local to that extreme.

I am going to read two magazines tonight.  I have the new issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" and "Quilter'sHome".  Cupcake, it just isn't the same without Mark Lapinski.  Mark, where are you?