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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evil Genius Times Two

Bwahahaha!  I am doing the evil genius/mad scientist laugh.  I have two fiendish plots that I am hatching, nothing this evil can be birthed. 

Evil plot #1

Ellen and I were studying for her Mycenian test.  Which I doubt I have spelled correctly, but Ellen insisted it was Micaneons, this I feel is a less probable spelling.  She is not interested in this subject in the least.  She perked up a little discussing Helen of Troy, but sank down into a stupor after that.  Also, we- meaning Ellen and the tutor, were studying for her math test.  I have no way to gauge if this will go better than the Mycenians.  I am not optimistic on either subject.  Her dad made a deal with her to get her a cell phone if she gets all B's.  The math thing is bringing her chances way down.  My evil plot, which almost had her ballistic, is this:  if she doesn't get all B's then her brothers get cell phones. 

Evil plot #2

Summer is approaching and I am trying to figure out ways to survive hours, days, months of bickering.  He looked at me!  She touched me!  Get out of my room!  That's mine!  Mommmm!  So, as long as I am sleeping they can watch tv.  The minute I have to get up, the tv goes off.  This way the dogs and kids will be fed and I can sleep in every day until 12:00. I think I need breakfast in bed included. 

Genius is so misunderstood.

Tonight is LOST and LAUNDRY night, which actually somewhat coincides.  Where do all the lost socks go?  Ellen never wears matching socks, so it doesn't matter how many socks she has. But, Ned has a stack of socks with no matches.  Ian has two pair of favorite socks from REI, these seem to be magic socks, they only show up in the wash every other week.  I always comment on how thoughtful he is, just saving me having to do more washing.

I have started a new quilt.  I have decided to make one for Dr. Fetting.  He always wears blue and khaki, so originally I was thinking of using William Morris prints.  Instead, I fell in love with a Bali print grouping of green, blue, cream and brown.  Yes, I am using brown.  I really despise brown.  I know many people who love it and it is popular right now, but no-can-do!  The few times I wear brown, I feel like a turd.  Anyway, it has a hint of brown and I like it.   I still have the red silk quilt laid out on the dining room table.  I only have two more rows to assemble.  I then need to do some research.  I need to find out the right batting and backing fabric for silk.  It is really going to be nice.

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  1. When you come up with a remedy for summer bickering, please post!

    J is now eating salad because "I'm burning more fuel than I'm comsuming" and he wants to live to be 100. Salad is luttece & cucumber drowned in ranch.

    Will be feeling like a turd the next time I wear brown.