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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Words and Weirds

Ian has a friend over and they decided to play Scrabble.  This alone is amazing.  They are in the middle of the big game and the "under-the-bed cat" strolls in and lies down in the middle of the game.  He wreaked a little havoc and then sauntered back off to look for dust bunnies.

We ate dinner with the neighbors the other day.  One of them said a word that I had never heard, some type of Native American word.  I asked her how you spelled it.  Her husband laughed at me and said, "you really like words, don't you."  I really, really, really like words.  I forget how weird and nerdy it is.  I feel that math nerds are taken more seriously than word nerds.

I got over my library book scoobiness for the most part and have checked out tons of books.  I have forgotten to write them down.  Now, I can tell you the plot, but not the author and title.  I didn't write down Idaho and now can't remember it - very frustrating.  I just finished "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathatn Safran Foer.  It took me longer to read than usual and I put it down a couple of times to rest from the story, but it was extremely and incredibly beautiful.  The book held many love stories.

I have been making steady progress on a tumbling blocks quilt.  It is going together amazingly well.  I have trouble with precision, but this quilt is really working.  The quilt is challenge for me, because the pattern looks different from every angle.  I will post a picture soon. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


If Ned was doing this I would think he was messing with me.  Since it is Ian, I think he is generally confunded.

Ian - Mom is that girl on the tv who lost a lot of weight ambidextrous?
Me - She is anorexic, I doubt she is eating with both hands.  Someone give that girl a sandwich.
Ian - Mom when you move around to get exercise is that ambidextrous?
Me - Aerobic exercise and you can use both hands. Go play outside!
Ian - Mom that stuff you use to wash the floors that smells bad is that ambidexterous?
Me - Ammonia and I can mop with both hands.  Thanks for asking to do the mopping.
 Ian - Mom is that old lady ambidextrous?
Me - I don't know, but she has arthritis. Shh, she can hear you.
Ian - Mom when I keep my room really clean is that ambidextrous?
Me - Immaculate, for the seven millionth time ambidextrous means using both hands.  In baseball being able to bat both directions.  Please go clean your room.
Ian -  Oh yeah.

2 days later
Ian - Mom when I really don't want to do something is that ambidextrous?
Me - Apathetic!

Since I am telling Ian stories, here is another one.  He is for the most part even-tempered, but every now and then has a grumpfest.  I always tell him, "the real Ian has been abducted by Aliens and replaced by a grumpkin."  One day last week he told that he doesn't like that and to never say it again.  No problem on my part.  This week he has been totally out-of-sorts.  He told me, "Mom, I think I have been abducted by Aliens and replaced with a grumpkin."  He is trying to make me a crazy mom.