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Monday, June 11, 2012

Mug Rugs

Up until recently I have enjoyed reading other quilting blogs, but lately it has been dull.  I haven't been happy with all the blogs having similar quilts.  I know it is like fashion and certain colors are in, but it all is blurring together. I feel that many quilters are buying the fabric lines and not putting together their own mix of fabrics.  The lines are beautiful, but a bit sterile. Truly, what has put me over the edge with quilt sites is mug rugs.  Quilting fights an uphill battle to get respect with "real artists" and the general population.  People always perceive quilting to be crafty and grandmotherly.  These people making mug rugs contribute to the impression.  A mug rug is a fiddly, useless, dorky and somewhat humiliating use of scraps.  Go ahead people and make small quilts, place mats, trading cards or just pass on/throw away the scraps, but don't make mug rugs. 

I do have a small wonder why I don't feel this same aversion for coasters?

I have not quilted in a month.  I have been too busy with kid stuff and reading, but the real reason is a dog barf.  Hoover threw up in my sewing room.  It was huge and disgusting in that little room.  I have cleaned it up, but my room has felt contaminated. I will have to quilt myself a HAZMAT suit. I haven't recovered from his four room episode.  Thankfully Hoover has recovered.