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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Corn Hole and Quilting

We have been all fired up for the game Corn Hole.  It is big in the south right now, especially colleges.  It is an absolute blast to play.  I bought unfinished corn hole boards, so that we could have the project of painting them.   We  have painted one purple and one turquoise.  Last night I put on a coat of poly-urethane and worried.  The instructions say shellac, the Home Depot guy told me to get poly-urethane.  I don't know the difference and so hope it will turn out to be correct.  They need to have a certain amount of slide.  I put on one primer coat and three coats of paint, I know I will need to add another coat of poly-urethane.  Pictures to follow.  I also painted the cross that the five day threes use for chapel.  Our cross disappeared in May, we were using one made from craft popsickle sticks for the last couple of chapels.  The brother of one of the teachers made new crosses for the preschool. 

Yesterday I went into my sewing room and actually worked on something - whoohoo!  Ian reminded me that I need to do June's quilt, that he is waiting to see what it is.  The kids are off squirrels AGAIN, it is not a squirrel.  A small hint to the theme is how happy I have been in June.  I had a couple rough weeks of being sick, but am so happy it is summer break.  This summer in particular I have really been enjoying myself.  I have been reading some great books by the pool, making nice dinners and just relaxing.   I love summer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We are in full summer mode!   Nothing but relaxing going on around here.  I am about ready to whip up a batch of simple syrup and then it will officially be summer.  I have the lemons, limes, seltzer and ice lined up for lemonade - can't forget the dash of mint from the backyard.