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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Candy, Candy Corn and Syrup

I made a pie that was beautiful, the color was so pretty.  I forgot to add enough sugar and so the pie was not good.  Plums need to be sweetened, Ned took the first bite and was gagging.  It was disappointing, that is what I get for talking and cooking at the same time. 

Ned is an elf, if he had pointy ears there would be no doubt he was a changeling.  He lives on the three food groups above and is mischieviously elfish.  If you have not watched "Elf" then you must.  It is a cute, cute movie.  I finally took it away and put it with the Christmas decorations.  I can't find my Christmas spirit in July.   Ned's birthday squirrel reflects his true passions in life.  This is also my August quilt.  I added glittery, shiny things to make the squirrel stand out after I looked at this picture.  The background fabric is my favorite fabric right now.  Aunt Teri decided she wants a squirrel quilt, she poo-pooed me when I offered her one for her birthday.

We went go-carting for the first time ever - it was a blast.  We had to put on thick-soled shoes and mohawk Ned's hair to make him tall enough.  I went two times, but there is no photo to verify my claim.  The kids would laugh each time they lapped me.

We also went to the Science Center.  The SC is in the summer of "irresponsible science."  We watched as melons and water balloons were launched off the roof through a giant tube.  We shot pool noodles from the third floor into the lobby.  The most fun was shocking each other with the electric current experiment.  I even snuck up behind a stranger and shocked him, the docent finally shooed us away.  We had cousins in town, therefore we crammed a summer's worth of activities into four days - yeehaw!

I am going to end this post with one last photo that sums up my love of summer.  There is no such thing as too much relaxation.  In fact I am off to float in the pool with the kids.  I have a good fiction book that combines quilting with Colorado history, cousin Nell left it for me.