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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When people ask me "what are you up to" or "what's going on in your life" I always reply "nothing" or "I can't think of anything exciting."  Well, I decided to make the change and recognize I do have interesting tidbits to share.

Sunday I went to a talk given by Jay McCarroll.  He was the winner of season 1 "Project Runway".  He was funny, quirky, incredibly honest and therefore somewhat self-destructive.  I have been pondering the oddness of the crowd.  He had groupies.  People were sycophantically laughing at everything he said.  I was laughing also, but not with the same manic fervor.  One woman asked him if he had a retirement fund and health insurance.  Another annoying woman asked to take pictures of all his stuff to put on Instagram.

My weird claim to fame is now I have met two "Project Runway" winners.  I met Christian Ciriano at a breast cancer function.  He was a teeny, tiny turd of a human being.

Thing 2 is covered with little round bruises.  Turns out he and his friend were shooting each other with the air-soft rifles.  I am going to add this was not done on my watch. 

Thing 3 regaled me with his latest song entitled "The Golden Sausage."  It was not racy, but I can't get an image of Freddie Mercury out of my head. 

My 50 state book challenge is complete, except for half of New Mexico.  I read fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poems, classics and trash.  I had more good reads than bad reads, Missouri stands out as particularly lame.  The hardest state to find a book about was South Dakota.  I really tried to have no re-reads, but had three.  Alaska and Alabama were on purpose and Montana was accidental.  Next year will be challenge free.

Juno and Minnow have brought me a present every day this week.  Minnow was responsible for mouse parts all over the back patio I am pretty sure.  Juno doesn't seem to be into dismemberment.  I appreciate the decreased rodent population and their love, but gross!


Monday, September 3, 2012


I haven't posted big in awhile.
Enormous acorns plinking off my car and being thrown by the boys.

A disgusting slug out the backdoor.  Neither cat would go near it.  I imagine they taste as bad as they look.

A big day building Legos at the National Building Museum.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Behind Me

South Dakota is behind me.  I read "Twisted Tree" by Kent Meyers.  SD has been the toughest state so far to find a read.  I found a number of fiction books, but not current enough to be in the library.  I am into Arkansas with "Calicoe Joe" by John Grisham.  I have fifteen states left and around eighteen more weeks to accomplish this goal.  It will be close.  I have enjoyed reading a book from every state. 

I finished my tumbling blocks quilt, but haven't taken a picture.  I plan on sending it off for quilting.  I am trying to slog through things I haven't finished.  I sewed on two bindings so they are ready to be tacked down during cool evenings in the fall.  I am still only using fabrics that I have on hand to make anything new.  My postage stamp quilt has 64 finished blocks, I have no real plans for this yet.  I am using strips to make a shawl.  I like it, but Ellen said it looks like something I made.  I am not sure what that means.  I promise to post some pictures!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Words and Weirds

Ian has a friend over and they decided to play Scrabble.  This alone is amazing.  They are in the middle of the big game and the "under-the-bed cat" strolls in and lies down in the middle of the game.  He wreaked a little havoc and then sauntered back off to look for dust bunnies.

We ate dinner with the neighbors the other day.  One of them said a word that I had never heard, some type of Native American word.  I asked her how you spelled it.  Her husband laughed at me and said, "you really like words, don't you."  I really, really, really like words.  I forget how weird and nerdy it is.  I feel that math nerds are taken more seriously than word nerds.

I got over my library book scoobiness for the most part and have checked out tons of books.  I have forgotten to write them down.  Now, I can tell you the plot, but not the author and title.  I didn't write down Idaho and now can't remember it - very frustrating.  I just finished "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathatn Safran Foer.  It took me longer to read than usual and I put it down a couple of times to rest from the story, but it was extremely and incredibly beautiful.  The book held many love stories.

I have been making steady progress on a tumbling blocks quilt.  It is going together amazingly well.  I have trouble with precision, but this quilt is really working.  The quilt is challenge for me, because the pattern looks different from every angle.  I will post a picture soon. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


If Ned was doing this I would think he was messing with me.  Since it is Ian, I think he is generally confunded.

Ian - Mom is that girl on the tv who lost a lot of weight ambidextrous?
Me - She is anorexic, I doubt she is eating with both hands.  Someone give that girl a sandwich.
Ian - Mom when you move around to get exercise is that ambidextrous?
Me - Aerobic exercise and you can use both hands. Go play outside!
Ian - Mom that stuff you use to wash the floors that smells bad is that ambidexterous?
Me - Ammonia and I can mop with both hands.  Thanks for asking to do the mopping.
 Ian - Mom is that old lady ambidextrous?
Me - I don't know, but she has arthritis. Shh, she can hear you.
Ian - Mom when I keep my room really clean is that ambidextrous?
Me - Immaculate, for the seven millionth time ambidextrous means using both hands.  In baseball being able to bat both directions.  Please go clean your room.
Ian -  Oh yeah.

2 days later
Ian - Mom when I really don't want to do something is that ambidextrous?
Me - Apathetic!

Since I am telling Ian stories, here is another one.  He is for the most part even-tempered, but every now and then has a grumpfest.  I always tell him, "the real Ian has been abducted by Aliens and replaced by a grumpkin."  One day last week he told that he doesn't like that and to never say it again.  No problem on my part.  This week he has been totally out-of-sorts.  He told me, "Mom, I think I have been abducted by Aliens and replaced with a grumpkin."  He is trying to make me a crazy mom.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mug Rugs

Up until recently I have enjoyed reading other quilting blogs, but lately it has been dull.  I haven't been happy with all the blogs having similar quilts.  I know it is like fashion and certain colors are in, but it all is blurring together. I feel that many quilters are buying the fabric lines and not putting together their own mix of fabrics.  The lines are beautiful, but a bit sterile. Truly, what has put me over the edge with quilt sites is mug rugs.  Quilting fights an uphill battle to get respect with "real artists" and the general population.  People always perceive quilting to be crafty and grandmotherly.  These people making mug rugs contribute to the impression.  A mug rug is a fiddly, useless, dorky and somewhat humiliating use of scraps.  Go ahead people and make small quilts, place mats, trading cards or just pass on/throw away the scraps, but don't make mug rugs. 

I do have a small wonder why I don't feel this same aversion for coasters?

I have not quilted in a month.  I have been too busy with kid stuff and reading, but the real reason is a dog barf.  Hoover threw up in my sewing room.  It was huge and disgusting in that little room.  I have cleaned it up, but my room has felt contaminated. I will have to quilt myself a HAZMAT suit. I haven't recovered from his four room episode.  Thankfully Hoover has recovered.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something Like This

Maddy showed me this hysterical video of why things never really get done entirely, my version goes something like this............

I walk into the kitchen to check my Scrabble games on FB.  I stop to pick up the kid's shoes.  I take Ned's to his room and start to make his bed.  I find one sock and so turn to look for the other one.  In the bottom drawer he hasn't closed is the missing pair of scissors.  I walk down to the kitchen to put them away.  I see a dog barf on the floor and set the scissors on the entry table.  I go into the laundry room to get the carpet cleaner.  I forgot I hadn't switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I take the dryer clothes to the back room and start to fold them.  I hear my cell phone ring, but don't know where it is.  On the way through the dining room I see a Lego creation and decide to put it away in Ian's room.  On the way up there I see the dog barf, so set the Lego on the couch.  I go into the kitchen to get paper towels.  I forgot to do the dishes.  I am putting them in the dishwasher, when the phone rings.  It is the school I forgot to do a dismissal email.  I sit on the couch to do it and realize all the pillows and cushions need to be fluffed to maybe remove the little boy feet smell.  I get one fluffed and the cat jumps up to be pet.  I then have to pet Hoover, because you can't forget his insistent nose all wet in your elbow.  I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands and see one pair of underwear and a blue crayon on the floor.  I head to the back room to put the crayon away, but see the dog water bowl is empty.  I set the crayon and underwear on the table.  This goes on all day.  I pick the kids up at the bus and they ask what I did all day? Why didn't I make cookies?   It is now time for bedtime and half a bed has been made, 1/3 the laundry folded, 1/2 the dishes washed, no dog barf actually cleaned up, a blue crayon and pair of underwear on the table, scissors missing, no dismissal done.  Big sigh!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


4. The pool is open and almost not green.
3. My friend, Amanda, and I picked strawberries yesterday.  It gives me a greater appreciation for migrate workers.  My legs and ankles are sore from bending over or squatting.  I couldn't figure out which was easier.  The strawberries are delicious and worth the effort.
2. I had a nice dinner with friends last night.  It was great to catch up. 
1. The Peeps diorama is ready to be handed in.  Ian worked meticulously and steadily on it and now we have to get it to school unscathed.  I keep having to yell at the kids to not eat "just one" Peep.  Ian needs to have two Mexican wrestlers and spectators.  The most irritating part of this project is Ian will turn it in tomorrow and carry it back home on Friday. 

Ned is to credited with saying fourth-of-all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of this.........

means not much of this.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Looking For Alaska in Alabama

I read Looking for Alaska as my Alabama read, but realized I have already read an Alabama book.  Who would have thunk I would have two Alabama books.  I went into this book thinking it would be a comedy of teen angst, it has the angst but not the comedy. I admit to it having humor though! This was a weighty book on many issues, no sugarcoating or romancing the lives of teenagers.  The book was witty and well-written and I could see the irreverence appealing to teenagers.  I have been repulsed for days thinking about drinking vodka and milk.  I liked reading about the kids, but was also impressed by the adults in the book.  So many shows on tv today make the grown-ups out to be bumbling idiots.  This book leads you that way, but moves through the book giving them strength and layers. 

My next book is "Blindness" by Jose Saramago. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Double Bubble

We have had a long week of various events - good and bad.  Why do breakages, leaks, doctor visits, games and evening events all have to happen at the same time.  The older I get the more I believe in personal life entropy.  Ian loves this word, because we don't have to use the word chaos anymore.  Today is quite relaxing! 

Thursday night about 9:30 Ian and I were lying on my bed reading.  We hear gunfire, I am assuming gunfire, really close.  It stops and about 3 minutes later starts up again.  Ian and I are freaked out, a bit on edge.  We are waiting for the next round and deciding what we should do.  Ellen is in her room and SHRIEKS, "Mom, oh my god!"  I am reaching for the phone to call 911.  Ian and I are picturing a masked man with a semi-automatic in the front yard.  Before I can answer she yells, "Mom............did you know Hillary Duff is expecting a baby."  That girl and her life in a bubble makes me crazy, because I did know Hillary Duff was pregnant.  I also know she had the baby about three months ago.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mr. Fox Times Three

The first Mr. Fox is Ned's acting debut was quite cute.  He was Farmer Boggess in the 2nd grade production of "The Fabulous Mr. Fox."  We had to have an unexpected intermission, because the other farmer fell off the stage.  He bravely returned and the show went on. 

The second Mr. Fox is this horrible fox that terrorizes my property, MY property.  He has a route that involves my yard.  He drinks out of the pool and poops on the deck.  Two nights ago he was making that scary fox noise under my window and digging a hole.  I turned the light on and he just stared at me saying "nanny nanny."  In the fall he chased my kitten up a tree and wouldn't back off, even when I stomped at him.  He is belligerent  and aggressive and I wish he would find a different territory.

The third Mr. Fox was the fox who had this territory before this evil critter.  He was no bother.  We would see him mornings and evenings, but he didn't come in the backyard.  He got hit by a car right by the house.  I was sad to see him gone.

I have a dog, a useless labrador.  I think it is no coincidence that Hoover is yellow, the big chicken-liver.  Riley walked the perimeter of his yard and marked it every morning.  No animals came in our yard while he was alive.  Hoover just doop-de-doops out in the yard.  He didn't even bark at the fox, when I came down he was sleeping on his bed.  The cats were freaked, but Hoov was lounging.  Hoover is such a Ferdinand.  It is nice to have a lover and not a fighter when you are feeling sad and lonely, but I do wish he would give a little growl at that fox.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bookss, Books and More Books

I have been in a rough spell this week.  I have spiraled down-hill to an old lady.  I don't really want to find a tumor, but I would like some kind of answer.  I haven't been able to do much of anything.  It has been bothering me that I don't have a book.  I seriously have read every book in my house, not even having an option was bothering me.  I had gone to the bookstore twice last week, but just couldn't pick out a title.   Yesterday, very cautiously, Ian and I went back to B&N.  I bought eight books, this is wild and crazy!  Luckfully for me, my friend Amanda popped over last night with a pile of books to borrow.  I stacked all the books next my bed and it made me so happy.  I need that pile of books on my bedside table.  I am having trouble reading quite truthfully, so this will keep me for awhile.  I will be adding the states of Pennsylvania, Vermont and Illinois when I get going. 

Last night, Neddy had me read one of our favorite books, Cockatoos by Roald Dahhl.  He told me I "read it the best", he knows how to butter me up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taylor and Kate

For two weeks only,  I want to be Taylor Swift.  I want to be twenty-ish, annoyingly beautiful and have the "perfect" life.   I would stand on stage and make the nauseous "who me" expression, because I can do it every time winsomely.  I want to try on everything in her closet and pirouette around the house having every piece of clothing fit and drape perfectly.   In fact I would go into every store and try on expensive clothes and cowboy boots.  I want to comb my beautiful, long, blond hair and have everything I do to it look fabulouso.  Really truly what I want to do is play the guitar and sing.  I want to look cool and sit around soulfully strumming.  All the notes, chords, whatever would not sound anything like my singing.  I would know what I was doing and could play country, blues, rock'n'roll and I would belt it out with full amp.  I would call cool people to play/sing with me,  I am Taylor Swift so I assume they will do it.

After my two weeks is over I want to be Kate Middleton.  I would like to be her for the similar shallow clothes, hair experience.  I would love to be her for all the culture she can take advantage of unlimited.  Think of the history, galleries, jewels, museums, private homes, plays and museums she has access to with no crowds or personal inconvenience.  It would be nice to have servants and personal, understated luxury - assumed luxury.  I could order up a prepared meal anytime of the day.  Jeeves, bring me a chocolate chip cookie. Oh, to have high tea served everyday.  Jeeves, this is Kate, get me tickets to the Taylor Swift concert.  I like to think her life will go easier than Diane's.

On Tuesday, I am going to a book group that is discussing Elizabeth, the First by Sally Bedell Smith.  The author will be at the book group.  I haven't read it, but will enjoy the presentation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This post is for my kids.  I am always telling them to talk about something else, but it never works.  I am trying to decide if I should take Hoover to the emergency room for the terrible gas that he has.  Maybe I should take myself to the emergency room for the terrible gas he has.  It is truly noxious.  He is so happily snoring away or I would kick him out of my room.   I switched him to organic food to help with this enormous problem, but I think it made things worse.  I might have to see what cheapo grocery store kibble does, at least I wouldn't be spending as much for this air pollution.

Cats don't really fart much.  Sometimes if you accidentally squeeze them they may do a little poot, but they are much more dignified than dogs.  It could be they have better waste processing systems.  Whatever the reason, it is definitely a plus for felines over canines.

In kindergarten all the kids brought in a favorite book.  Ned took in "The Gas We Pass".  I am always THAT mom.

Yesterday at lunch the person next to me did a big fart and just acted like he didn't.  Ew, it does ruin lunch a little bit.  When Teri and I were at a fancy restaurant in AZ a women farted long and loudly in the restaurant.  Not once as whoops, but twice as a who the hell cares.  Well I care, because I got the giggles. I just couldn't stop laughing.

The kids have been watching some Youtube videos where guys pretend to fart on people in Walmart.  It is so incredibly rude and also hysterical.  It is a good laugh until they almost get beat up by guy totally offended by someone farting on his wife.

I fart in your general direction.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Don't Know

Thing 2 is always asking me these crazy questions and I end up saying, "I don't know."  I say this frequently and it drives him nuts.  He wants me to know the answer and I don't. I usually don't know the answer for anything, having a brain tumor really messed with my information recall.   Anyway, last night Ian asked, 

If people had feathers and cats had feathers, who would fly better?

How do I answer this? Do I just pick one?  Do I use up limited brain resource and ponder it?  I try to dodge, by telling him neither one has feathers.  "Well, what if?"  Okay, Ian, cats would fly better, because they do everything better.  "But what if people had bigger wings?"

Would you rather marry Bon Jovi or Bono?

Hmmm, this deserves an "I don't know" because I don't want to limit my options.  He wants a definitive answer.  He also doesn't like when I give a positive for both options.  He wants an answer.   Then he asks why don't I get married?  "I don't know."  He gets really frustrated so I told him, "because I have cancer."  His response is "good point.........who would you rather marry Bon Jovi or Bono?"  I finally tell him Bono, because I have liked him since I was 17..........but Bon Jovi is so handsome and nice.  "Would you live in Ireland?"  Ugh, I don't know!

Add all this to routine questions of:

Where are my shoes, where's the milk, where is my bag of M&M's that had one M&M left,  why are you late, why are we early, how do you know, why not, what for, how come, do I really, you won't let me, you want me to eat that, can I go, can I stay, are we there yet, if I only had 3 toes would I still wear socks?


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quilt Complete

I finished a quilt - whoohoo.  This has been the first one since last may that I have finished. I started it at MAQ in a fabric weaving class.  The teacher called me a trouble maker for not following the course outline.  I learned the technique and then went in my own direction.  I did it quietly.  I enjoyed the class, but did not make a pastoral quilt.

I sit in the exam room at Dr. Fetting's office A LOT.  There is not much to notice, it is a typical exam room. The room  has a picture, a small mirror, a small plastic breast showing cancer and the "rate your pain picture".  Not much to keep you entertained.  I have counted the ceiling tiles and studied the air conditioning vent.  This vent is what I based my quilt on, it turned out interesting.  I really like it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lost Track of My Veils

Last night while trying to fall asleep a completely unexpected memory/memories surfaced.  I hadn't thought about this in YEARS.  The summer I was fourteen my mother had me be a candy striper.  I think back on it and probably she just didn't know what else to do with a surly teenager.  I know I could not have wanted to do this, my grandfather died there the summer before.  I know I did not want to wear that horrible jumper of pink and white - ugh.  I got a badge for working over 80 hours that summer.  I would like to say I did the normal candy striper things like push around the library cart - who checks out a book in the hospital.  Three memorable jobs came to me.  I think maybe I really do have bad luck and have just always deceived myself into thinking myself lucky. 

My first candy striper from hell experience is wheeling a dead body to the morgue.  The nurse had me take it not just to the morgue, but into the morgue.  I had to ride the special elevator and go down the creepy halls. She kept urging me on to hurry so no one would see the dead body.  I saw it!   I am 14.  I report back to the candy striper office and get in trouble for going to the morgue.  They sent out a memo no candy stripers allowed in the morgue. 

My second experience was feeding an old, old, old man his lunch.  I just keep putting it in and he stored it all up like a chipmunk.  He did this rasping cough and coughed his entire lunch all over me.  I didn't eat baked pototes for a long time.  I am 14 - ewww!

The third lovely task set to me by a nurse was to change the sheets on a bed.  Now I had changed lots of beds, but not with patients in it.  The patient had his appendix removed that day.  Why did they make him get out of bed for clean sheets?  As deserved, he yelled at me for making him get up.  I felt awful, but changed the sheets as directed.  I was close to tears the entire time.  His family standing around watching me do this. 

The last event involved pushing a heavy patient through the tunnels to the adjoining medical building.  I pushed the huge guy for miles, I was gone almost an hour.  After that another memo went out saying candy stripers were not allowed to go to the medical building and be in the tunnels.

Funny how my veils are all revealing fears of medical things.  I guess I could move onto my mom dropping me off at the dentist for 12 fillings.  I sat in the office by myself all day and up until that appointment, with a new dentist, had never had a cavity.  I could move onto the orthodontist who removed the wrong tooth and all the dentists since then who have commented on the absurdity of my orthodontia. 

I think I am done removing veils.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yoga Nidra

Every now and then I catch a yoga nidra class at HopeWell Cancer Support Center.  It is a form of meditation and I like the teacher of the class.  You lay on the mat and she talks you through relaxation, it is very soothing.  About a third of the way through she asks you to focus on a word, something on your mind.  This week my word was inspiration.  I have to say I was truly inspired this weekend, more than I have been in quite awhile.  This weekend I have almost finished a quilt for a little boy I know who is in Hopkins for chemo.  He was just diagnosed and will be there full-time for at least a month, then months of chemo after that.  The quilt I made is really cute, simple but cheerful.  It makes me feel good when I really make something nice.  I have also almost finished the binding on another small quilt and got the border on another.   I got my applique quilt from MAQ assembled and now have to add borders.  I do not love applique at all, but this quilt is pretty.  I have made half a baby hat.  I struggle more and more with neuropathy, my hands are sore from all of this.

I am going to say something that very few quilters say for real life.  Usually, quilters have hordes of fabric - hordes and hordes actually.  I have very little fabric and it is all small pieces.  I have a couple of bags to donate to the guild, they are pieces I will never use, but not much left to make new quilts.  I hope this inspiration continues.  I am going to work on finishing up older projects that are lurking in corners.  I have yarn to use also, but I am only a marginal knitter.  I have trouble reading patterns and then keeping count. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Broken Down in West Virginia

"Strange as this Weather Has Been" by Ann Pancake has derailed my state reading.  I have made it to page 68 and hope the book gets better.  This book is my pick for West Virginia.  I may have to shelve it for awhile and skip to my Hawaii book sitting on the night stand.  I used to have an Amazon link to show the book picture, but it disappeared.  I liked showing the covers.

I have been rereading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  I think she may come out with the next book at the end of the year.  I am waiting for the last Robert Jordan book to be released.  It should be good and finally over.   All these series are dragging on for way too long.  The new Sookie book will be out in May. That series really needs to end! 

I think I will put down my reading and go putter around in my sewing room.  I need to finish four squares for a family project.  I have the binding to put on a small quilt.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration and More Inspiration

Ellen was telling me that her oratory is coming up and it needs to be on someone that inspires her.  I asked if she has any ideas.  Ian and Ned were in the car also.  You would think with all the media that we are exposed to that any of them would come up with an inspiring person - nope.  In fact, I have been struggling with the question as well.  There are always the standard choices, but as great as these figures are, do they still inspire?  Truly and passionately inspire? 

The oratory question did get off topic as Ellen said maybe she should do Patrick from SpongeBob.  My brain went fuzzy at this point, I despise SpongeBob.  I did tune in when Ellen quoted Patrick as saying "no one knows the economics of my mind."  I really turned this phrase over for awhile before asking if this was the correct expression, it is SpongeBob afterall.  Ellen says, "no it is the ukanemics, ecomenics, innomonics, innamenmes of my mind."  I took a deeeeeep breath.   "Is it maybe inner mechanism?", I asked.  Bingo.  I am not sure it is possible to know the imonemics of Ellen's mind.

I did get a little bit inspired to work in my sewing room.  I am inching toward finishing something.  I got inspired, okay aggravated, to tear out the border I was trying to Y-seam.  I have cut the pieces to sew on an un-mitered border, phew!

I got inspired to do some cooking in the kitchen.  I made my carrot soup, yummy delicious and creamy.  Last night over a dinner of carrot soup Ned inquires, "if you poison me dead and bury me in the dirt box will anyone know?"  I assured him that indeed someone would find out I had done it, the pot of soup would be evidence.  This is why I don't enjoy cooking anymore.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Purple and Blue

I don't really like purple.  It is just not a color I have embraced.  I like a little bit in a quilt to brighten it up, but purple in general is just a no-way.  But, I do own a purple shirt to support the Ravens.  I can't see myself in a jersey, so I wear a purple turtle neck.  I packed it to the back of the drawer today and am sad.  We, everyone I know in Baltimore, wanted the Ravens to make it to the Super Bowl.  I still can't believe they lost.  I have been quite blue.

Ellen keeps telling me things can't be purple.  It took me awhile to figure out what in the world she was talking about, I could never find a context to the comment.  It must be something from tv, but it means that food, events, life, etc. can't be mixed.  You can have red or blue, but purple is just not right.  I wish life could be this way, but most of life is purple.  I have to say I do prefer the use of purple to black and white.  Grey is so dull, at least purple implies  a little zip.  It is interesting to watch a child change from a literal thinker to an abstract one.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alabama and Wyoming

My Alabama book was, "To Killl A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.  This really is all I can say, because the book's history really speaks for itself.  One article I read declared it "the most relevant book of the 20th century."  As proof I will example Ian.  We are also listening to it on tape for Ellen.  The boys are loving the book read by Cissy Spacek.  Ian keeps telling me he is trying to be a gentleman just like Jem tries throughout the book.

My Wyoming book was "Where Rivers Change Direction" by Mark Spragg.  It is a memoir of growing up in Wyoming on a working dude ranch.  His description of the horses and landscape are beautiful.   The book is a series of short stories starting when he is ten and ending as a fifty year old.  The last two stories should have been edited out, they didn't fit with the rest of the book.  Thanks to my friend Jane for the recommendation.

I actually quilted for awhile yesterday, it felt nice.  I have no idea when I will get around to it again.  I need someone to do two y-seams for me, I just can't figure it out.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Psst.......shhh Juno here again.  She, that two legged slave, still hasn't figured out my paws can type.  She also hasn't seen me do karate or play the accordian.  She thinks I  am weak and foolish, because I am getting so fat and have these tiny little back legs.  I also lick all the fur off one leg to make her think I am neurotic.  

Last year we (trust me I had nothing to do with it) adopted another cat.  Everyone thinks she is so cute and cuddly.  They talk about how sweet she is, how she purrs all the time.  They think she is wonderful, because she greets everyone at the door.  What is wrong with saying hello from under the bed?  I keep trying to convince this interloper she would be happy somewhere else. On Wednesday morning I told that OTHER cat how to get to the giant field of catnip.  I told her she would have to walk for a full day through woods and stream, but when she got there it would amazing.  I told her it was surrounded by endless bowls of food and bins of wonderful cat toys.   She set off immediately.  

I decided to really play it up.  The last two nights I slept on her spot on the bed.  I let myself be picked up for a minute.   I even made myself sit by the bathtub while my "owner" relaxed in the water.  I let her pet me even though she was wet and smelled like eucalytus.  Things were really looking up for me,  I was King Cat again.  I haven't had to share my cat food or treats.  My litter box doesn't smell like girl pee.  The big dog dunderhead is back to following me around.  All is right in my universe.

Seven o' clock this morning we were rudely woken up by a flock of black birds or crows.  Those dratted birds were making the biggest racket, as soon as they stopped we heard a little meow on the porch.  Damned if that little cat hadn't returned.  I had to go outside while my caretaker fussed and fawned over the tiny show-stealer.  I will just have to come up with another plan.