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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something Like This

Maddy showed me this hysterical video of why things never really get done entirely, my version goes something like this............

I walk into the kitchen to check my Scrabble games on FB.  I stop to pick up the kid's shoes.  I take Ned's to his room and start to make his bed.  I find one sock and so turn to look for the other one.  In the bottom drawer he hasn't closed is the missing pair of scissors.  I walk down to the kitchen to put them away.  I see a dog barf on the floor and set the scissors on the entry table.  I go into the laundry room to get the carpet cleaner.  I forgot I hadn't switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I take the dryer clothes to the back room and start to fold them.  I hear my cell phone ring, but don't know where it is.  On the way through the dining room I see a Lego creation and decide to put it away in Ian's room.  On the way up there I see the dog barf, so set the Lego on the couch.  I go into the kitchen to get paper towels.  I forgot to do the dishes.  I am putting them in the dishwasher, when the phone rings.  It is the school I forgot to do a dismissal email.  I sit on the couch to do it and realize all the pillows and cushions need to be fluffed to maybe remove the little boy feet smell.  I get one fluffed and the cat jumps up to be pet.  I then have to pet Hoover, because you can't forget his insistent nose all wet in your elbow.  I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands and see one pair of underwear and a blue crayon on the floor.  I head to the back room to put the crayon away, but see the dog water bowl is empty.  I set the crayon and underwear on the table.  This goes on all day.  I pick the kids up at the bus and they ask what I did all day? Why didn't I make cookies?   It is now time for bedtime and half a bed has been made, 1/3 the laundry folded, 1/2 the dishes washed, no dog barf actually cleaned up, a blue crayon and pair of underwear on the table, scissors missing, no dismissal done.  Big sigh!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


4. The pool is open and almost not green.
3. My friend, Amanda, and I picked strawberries yesterday.  It gives me a greater appreciation for migrate workers.  My legs and ankles are sore from bending over or squatting.  I couldn't figure out which was easier.  The strawberries are delicious and worth the effort.
2. I had a nice dinner with friends last night.  It was great to catch up. 
1. The Peeps diorama is ready to be handed in.  Ian worked meticulously and steadily on it and now we have to get it to school unscathed.  I keep having to yell at the kids to not eat "just one" Peep.  Ian needs to have two Mexican wrestlers and spectators.  The most irritating part of this project is Ian will turn it in tomorrow and carry it back home on Friday. 

Ned is to credited with saying fourth-of-all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of this.........

means not much of this.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Looking For Alaska in Alabama

I read Looking for Alaska as my Alabama read, but realized I have already read an Alabama book.  Who would have thunk I would have two Alabama books.  I went into this book thinking it would be a comedy of teen angst, it has the angst but not the comedy. I admit to it having humor though! This was a weighty book on many issues, no sugarcoating or romancing the lives of teenagers.  The book was witty and well-written and I could see the irreverence appealing to teenagers.  I have been repulsed for days thinking about drinking vodka and milk.  I liked reading about the kids, but was also impressed by the adults in the book.  So many shows on tv today make the grown-ups out to be bumbling idiots.  This book leads you that way, but moves through the book giving them strength and layers. 

My next book is "Blindness" by Jose Saramago. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Double Bubble

We have had a long week of various events - good and bad.  Why do breakages, leaks, doctor visits, games and evening events all have to happen at the same time.  The older I get the more I believe in personal life entropy.  Ian loves this word, because we don't have to use the word chaos anymore.  Today is quite relaxing! 

Thursday night about 9:30 Ian and I were lying on my bed reading.  We hear gunfire, I am assuming gunfire, really close.  It stops and about 3 minutes later starts up again.  Ian and I are freaked out, a bit on edge.  We are waiting for the next round and deciding what we should do.  Ellen is in her room and SHRIEKS, "Mom, oh my god!"  I am reaching for the phone to call 911.  Ian and I are picturing a masked man with a semi-automatic in the front yard.  Before I can answer she yells, "Mom............did you know Hillary Duff is expecting a baby."  That girl and her life in a bubble makes me crazy, because I did know Hillary Duff was pregnant.  I also know she had the baby about three months ago.