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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Double Bubble

We have had a long week of various events - good and bad.  Why do breakages, leaks, doctor visits, games and evening events all have to happen at the same time.  The older I get the more I believe in personal life entropy.  Ian loves this word, because we don't have to use the word chaos anymore.  Today is quite relaxing! 

Thursday night about 9:30 Ian and I were lying on my bed reading.  We hear gunfire, I am assuming gunfire, really close.  It stops and about 3 minutes later starts up again.  Ian and I are freaked out, a bit on edge.  We are waiting for the next round and deciding what we should do.  Ellen is in her room and SHRIEKS, "Mom, oh my god!"  I am reaching for the phone to call 911.  Ian and I are picturing a masked man with a semi-automatic in the front yard.  Before I can answer she yells, "Mom............did you know Hillary Duff is expecting a baby."  That girl and her life in a bubble makes me crazy, because I did know Hillary Duff was pregnant.  I also know she had the baby about three months ago.

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