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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mr. Fox Times Three

The first Mr. Fox is Ned's acting debut was quite cute.  He was Farmer Boggess in the 2nd grade production of "The Fabulous Mr. Fox."  We had to have an unexpected intermission, because the other farmer fell off the stage.  He bravely returned and the show went on. 

The second Mr. Fox is this horrible fox that terrorizes my property, MY property.  He has a route that involves my yard.  He drinks out of the pool and poops on the deck.  Two nights ago he was making that scary fox noise under my window and digging a hole.  I turned the light on and he just stared at me saying "nanny nanny."  In the fall he chased my kitten up a tree and wouldn't back off, even when I stomped at him.  He is belligerent  and aggressive and I wish he would find a different territory.

The third Mr. Fox was the fox who had this territory before this evil critter.  He was no bother.  We would see him mornings and evenings, but he didn't come in the backyard.  He got hit by a car right by the house.  I was sad to see him gone.

I have a dog, a useless labrador.  I think it is no coincidence that Hoover is yellow, the big chicken-liver.  Riley walked the perimeter of his yard and marked it every morning.  No animals came in our yard while he was alive.  Hoover just doop-de-doops out in the yard.  He didn't even bark at the fox, when I came down he was sleeping on his bed.  The cats were freaked, but Hoov was lounging.  Hoover is such a Ferdinand.  It is nice to have a lover and not a fighter when you are feeling sad and lonely, but I do wish he would give a little growl at that fox.

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