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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tiny Terror

I am not sure what has happened to my "kitten", in her head she has become a fierce jungle cat.  Her prey is ALWAYS Hoover, the 85 lb wonder wienie.  He now lives in Ian's room.  Ian moved to the top bunk, so Hoover could have the bottom one. Minnow lurks around the house waiting for Hoover to amble on by and then she whacks him repeatedly in the face.  She got him going up the stairs, three times before he got to the top.  He stood their like a dummy while she right-hooked him again.  Hoover was shaking so hard his teeth were chattering.  You can't yell, because he thinks you are yelling at him.  I am not reaching in to grab a crazy cat.  My solution may be to buy a holster and carry a spray bottle around.  I could spray her every time she goes psycho.  It might make me feel better. It is a good thing she is so cute.  For months I blamed her more sinister-looking brother for causing all the mayhem, but then I caught her red-pawed. The situation is sad, because unless I sit in Ian's room I don't get to hang out with the dog.