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Monday, May 28, 2012


4. The pool is open and almost not green.
3. My friend, Amanda, and I picked strawberries yesterday.  It gives me a greater appreciation for migrate workers.  My legs and ankles are sore from bending over or squatting.  I couldn't figure out which was easier.  The strawberries are delicious and worth the effort.
2. I had a nice dinner with friends last night.  It was great to catch up. 
1. The Peeps diorama is ready to be handed in.  Ian worked meticulously and steadily on it and now we have to get it to school unscathed.  I keep having to yell at the kids to not eat "just one" Peep.  Ian needs to have two Mexican wrestlers and spectators.  The most irritating part of this project is Ian will turn it in tomorrow and carry it back home on Friday. 

Ned is to credited with saying fourth-of-all!

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