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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something Like This

Maddy showed me this hysterical video of why things never really get done entirely, my version goes something like this............

I walk into the kitchen to check my Scrabble games on FB.  I stop to pick up the kid's shoes.  I take Ned's to his room and start to make his bed.  I find one sock and so turn to look for the other one.  In the bottom drawer he hasn't closed is the missing pair of scissors.  I walk down to the kitchen to put them away.  I see a dog barf on the floor and set the scissors on the entry table.  I go into the laundry room to get the carpet cleaner.  I forgot I hadn't switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I take the dryer clothes to the back room and start to fold them.  I hear my cell phone ring, but don't know where it is.  On the way through the dining room I see a Lego creation and decide to put it away in Ian's room.  On the way up there I see the dog barf, so set the Lego on the couch.  I go into the kitchen to get paper towels.  I forgot to do the dishes.  I am putting them in the dishwasher, when the phone rings.  It is the school I forgot to do a dismissal email.  I sit on the couch to do it and realize all the pillows and cushions need to be fluffed to maybe remove the little boy feet smell.  I get one fluffed and the cat jumps up to be pet.  I then have to pet Hoover, because you can't forget his insistent nose all wet in your elbow.  I walk into the bathroom to wash my hands and see one pair of underwear and a blue crayon on the floor.  I head to the back room to put the crayon away, but see the dog water bowl is empty.  I set the crayon and underwear on the table.  This goes on all day.  I pick the kids up at the bus and they ask what I did all day? Why didn't I make cookies?   It is now time for bedtime and half a bed has been made, 1/3 the laundry folded, 1/2 the dishes washed, no dog barf actually cleaned up, a blue crayon and pair of underwear on the table, scissors missing, no dismissal done.  Big sigh!!

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