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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Reads and Gazpacho

Ned and I just got back from BJ's.  There is always an adventure with Ned along.  Some guy was doing a raffle to win a necklace, if I had been alone I would have walked on by.  But with Ned along we had to participate.  So we stood with all the other dorks and shouted out whoopee to practice our winning.  Ned was having the best time with the drama and excitement of the moment.  We did not win, but that really didn't matter.  I keep saying Ned has a joi de vivre, every moment is enjoyed.

At BJ's I strolled down the book aisle and bought the best book.  I haven't read it yet, but I love the entire concept.  It really makes me chuckle.  I can't wait to start reading it.  This is a book that I am going into with low expectations, but hope to be pleasantly surprised.  The author has two books out.  I went to Amazon to read the reviews.  His first book has a boatload of reviews.  The purists of course hate it.  Jane Austen fans are rabid in their devotion.  I am coming out with fighting words, "I find her books tedious."  Seth Grahame-Smith's first book is called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".  Totally awesome.  His second book, which is what I picked up is, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter".  Check out the jacket picture, on the back he is holding a vampire head.   I can't start reading it until I finish "Cloud Atlas", which is a really great book.  I did not know the Japanese sent over balloon bombs during WWII.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterPride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!

Speaking of Jane Austen, I ordered a signed copy of this book.  It arrives at the end of the month.  I thought Ellen might like to read it also.  I wonder what Jane Austen would think of Twilight.  I also wonder how many Twilight readers decided to slog through  her books based on Bella's love of Austen.  "Northanger Alibi" sounds like a good read. 
Northanger Alibi

We have had a very lazy Mother's Day.  Ellen and Ian are napping, a very rare occurrence.  We had friends over for lunch and have just been hanging out.  Ned and Ian made me pictures and Ellen gave me a card.  I bought myself a wind spinner at BJ's - whoohoo.  Ned wanted me to get the one with a glass ball, but then I discovered the ball comes loose.  That glass ball would have been gone in two minutes.

I made popovers!  The kids never like anything, they declared them EWWW!  I thought they were quite good.  I am going to try making them with parmesan cheese in the center.  I have been intrigued with popovers since eating at Mari Luna's in Pikesville.  It is a latin food restaurant on Reisterstown Road.  They serve popovers with mango butter - delicious.  They also have addictive gazpacho.  It is the best I have ever had.  I could do with a bowl right now!  My food processor either isn't working or it is user error, I keep dragging it out and it won't turn on.   I thought about making gazpacho, but not without a processor.  I know you can make it in the blender, but Mari Luna's gazpacho has a uniform texture.  All the ingredients are minced, not blended.  Eddie's has good gazpacho, Atwaters is too chunky.  I don't like big pieces of onion.  Mari Luna's really is the best. 

Tomorrow is the start of a busy, busy week. 


  1. If I was a sonnet writing girl, I'd write a sonnet to the gazpacho at Mari Luna. It is so good. During hot weather (which today, disappointingly, is not) I could eat it every day. It gives me a golden glow of virtue and happiness, because not only is it good, but with all those vegetables, it HAS to be good for me.

  2. FYI: This week is the BHQG meeting where they are talking about featherweight machines. I am going to skip...my parents are here for the week, and really, who cares about featherweights??