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Monday, May 10, 2010

Epoxy and Tadpoles

Ned is home today, because he had a follow-up appt. from his concussion.  We have had a wonderful day together.  After the doctor, he came with me to get my eyebrows waxed.  I had a gift certificate from my class.  I know this is psycho--logical but my eyebrows were weighing me down.  My eyebrows really didn't grown in well after chemo, but they were feeling like fuzzy caterpillars.  Ned went along for the waxing and stated the obvious, "mom, no one looks at your eyebrows". 

We then went to the hardware store so I can complete the birdhouse.  I wanted to screw in a hook to hang it.  The hardware guy told me no way can you screw into metal.  He talked me into a hook/bolt combo and epoxy.  Well, I think glueing is a skill you are born with.  I epoxyed my hands together, the two knives to each other, the paper towels to the bag, the ruler to the pencil, and my bracelets to each other.  The only thing that doesn't appear to have adhered is the hook/bolt to the birdhouse and it looks bad.  Not the clean hook I had envisioned in my head.   My hands are still slightly tacky.  I also realized that the back of the birdhouse is really heavy.  I am not sure I put the bolt in a place that will balance the birdhouse.  It might list.  I am overly ambitious in my endeavors, the details trip me up.

One of the pre-school teachers asked us if we had any tadpoles on the pool cover and I hadn't seen any.  Ned and I came home today and he discovered thousands of them  We scooped up a bucketful and have them ready to take into the four year-olds.  In the midst of the scooping, the handyman comes by.  He had never seen tadpoles before -for real life.  Ned had to explain about tadpoles and the legs falling off, nature boy was in his element.   He and Ellen are now out there filling up more buckets. The pool guys open the pool on Sunday, so the tadpoles will be dumped into the yard.  If anyone local has a pond and wants tadpoles, we gottem.

I got my postcard from the magazine swap that I did.  The card I received is really neat.  It is painted and  hand drawn with ink, no stencilling.  The  artist then sewed on a border.  I am going to hang it up in my sewing room.  My postcard is on the left, the one I received on the right.


  1. Oops, the pictures shifted from. Mine is the smaller picture.

  2. Hi Toni
    I was the lucky person who got your postcard and I'm thrilled with it! Thank you so much, I'm keeping it in my studio as a reminder to dream, imagine and hope as well as that there are some very generous and talented artists out there. I'm off to put a picture of it on my blog
    PS I notice we've read some of the same books recently, namely the Charlene Harris True Blood novels, I read the first three in about a week and have purposely put away the others so when I need a lift I know I have a great book to fall back on :)