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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tedium and a Weenie

We have been really busy.  I can't say there is anything to show for it or even report on, but we have had a lot going on.  There is not much glory, excitement or sometimes enjoyment in all the activities to be accomplished.  As parents, grown-ups, responsible citizens, good students we do them.  Quite truthfully I often do them with little grace or cheerfulness, but at the end of the day we all have an interesting family memory.  I am always relieved to hear the kids don't remember my transgressions and thankfully I don't remember theirs.  Although, I haven't heard the end of the broccoli and cheese casserole transgression, but I consider that rant justified.  I think broccoli cheese casserole is one of the most demonic mom inventions ever, fortunately I am not the one who scarred my kids for life. I am also not the one who had to see the barf-up back on the plate, so I can guffaw over the event.  As an adult,  I am still scarred over a revolting hamburger, corn and tomato gakerole my mom would make, it still causes a gag reflex. 

I heard a quote yesterday that applies to parenthood as well as medicine.  "It is called the 'practice of medicine' for a reason, nothing is absolute."  I keep practicing being a good parent, pet owner (the cat food bowl is empty), family member and friend.  I guess the thing about life is not every minute, hour, day or year is fun, you just keep at it and clicheingly take the good with the bad.  

A good portion of the running around has involved lacrosse.  I am a fairweather fan.  I think America's manic sports attitude is insane.  As we watched in the pouring rain last night, I realized that lacrosse is too violent for me.  I HATE watching my nine year old whacking and being whacked on by other kids.  Ian got a yellow flag for pushing.  One of the other moms congratulated me for Ian's aggressiveness, this does not fly with me.  I feel fair play is more important than goals.  It seems a fine line in contact sports.  As more and more athletes are being charged with violent acts in their personal lives, I think we need to return to fair play and good sportsmanship.

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