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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red and Read

I finished my red silk quilt.  Up until I took the picture I kept saying it really wasn't red.  The quilt has a lot of browns and oranges.  To me it just was not a red quilt.  I took a lousy picture as usual, but this quilt is RED!  I am going to have it quilted, it is so nice and I don't want to goof it up.

Back in February I did a pendant swap with "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine.  I used paper, Angelina fiber and beads.  I tried to do something out of my norm.  I got a very nice pendant back, but the funny thing is it looks like I made it.  The pendant looks like my textile smiles.  I was hoping for something wild and crazy.
My TS is on the left, the new pendant on the right.  I enjoyed making something and the anticipation of getting something back.  The next swap is to make a small gift, to be exchanged before the holidays.  I will see if I have any inspired ideas, nothing today.

I read the latest book in one of my trashy vampire series.  Now I have to wait two more years for another one.  Getting hooked on series is really a bummer.  I get so into the books I read, that I walk around in a void for a few days.  I am just not ready to give the characters up.

Ned had a lacrosse game this morning, but he and Ellen were sound asleep.  I didn't have the heart to wake them up.  Ian was at a friend's house and had a lacrosse game as well.  His dad took him, so Thing One and Thing Three really had a nice lounging day.  I have to say, so did I.  It is really windy, and I do not like the wind.  A perfectly glorious day to sit inside, sew and look at the pretty day- but not be blown away.

We are getting ready to drive Ellen to a birthday party and then the wild ones and I are going to embarass (am I spelling this right?) her to death - OMG.  The party is at the movie theater and since we are out there, we are going to the movie also.  I pinkie swore we would not sit near her, look at her, acknowledge her in anyway, we do not exist.  I am going to wear a Bhurka.  It really is too bad I don't have an invisibility cloak to throw over the three of us.  I really thought the "my mom is so not cool" phase wouldn't start until around sixteen, boy was I wrong. 

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