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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Sewing Room and Misc. Projects

I love my little sewing room.  It is very cozy, cluttered and colorful.  It is a comfortable room.  No matter what season, the room gets lots of light.  I always have a beautiful view.  Right now in spring the climbing hydrangea is in full bloom.  The flowers are white and smell so nice.  There are two birds nests, so I am watching the birds fly back and forth to feed the babies.  I can smell the honeysuckle and the sweet william.  In the summer I get the morning sun with shade the rest of the day.  The view is dense trees and a little glimpse of the meadow.  The fall has all the beautiful colors and an opening view.  In many ways the winter view is my favorite.  I can see the entire meadow, pond and neighbor's houses.  It is much more stark obviously, but I love the lines of the trees.  It is a wonderful little room.

The kids love this room also.  I have a few special toys that stay in that room.  They play with the little igloo and eskimos or do pop-beads.  My friend Betsy gave me this fun magnetic puzzle that really keeps them entertained.  They love the pens, pieces of fabric, buttons, paper and scissors the best.  We all find it soothing to be in there.  It gets mighty crowded with the four of us and Hoover in there, but it is a pleasant crowded. 

I have been filling up the walls with Mother's Day pictures,  small quilts I made, cards and little mementos.  I try to spend a little bit of time in there every day.   It is a little oasis amidst the chaos of a happy, noisy family life.

I painted the silk worm casings and was quite disappointed with them. In my head I picture them totally different and I don't know how to do what I want.  I have six more eggs to play with.  I bought glitter glue at a quilt show.  It is a glue for scrapbooking, but the woman said it adds a nice touch to quilts that won't be washed.   It is called "Stickles".  I tried it on the casings, to jazz them up.  The glue is nice.  It feels like glitter dust, spreads evenly and squeezes out nicely.  It isn't gloppy, very sheer.  It has helped with the casings, although they aren't dry yet.  The glue does seem to dry quickly though.  I thought I had a picture of the casings without the glue, but of course I can't find it.  Here is a picture of two casings drying.  I am going to sew them together with floss and beads and it will be some decorative who-knows-what.
My May quilt is up on the refrigerator.  May had a lot of frog and tadpole talk.  A highlight of May is the pool opening, so my quilt celebrates the backyard.  I had to include the giant dragonfly.

One last thing I have been working on is graduation cards.   I am not a scrapbooker or card maker, but Ned is on this cards -for -money -scheme.  He originally told me the money would go to Haiti and then decided it would be better if the money went to him.  We bought paper to make cards this summer.  Don't be surprised if he asks you to buy some, run if you see him coming.  Although, they should be nice, we are going to marbleize with shaving cream.  I made a card for my neighbor and a nephew.  It was a good excuse to buy fun pens and paper!!  After looking at all the cool papers, I almost wished I did do paper projects.  NO MORE HOBBIES ALLOWED!


  1. Thank you for another glimpse into the life of you and your cherubs. Love you.

  2. Wow,last time I tried to comment nothing I did seemed to work. Tonight it worked. It is late but I've been having fun reading your blog and Nan's and Brooke's. Love you all. Washington Aunt

  3. Toni---I love the dragonfly on your May quilt. Thank you for sharing your life this way. ...MARLENE