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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Combination Plate and Questionable Art

I had insomnia the other night.  It is because I haven't turned on the air-conditioning yet and it is hot.  I am still paying off the oil from this crazy winter and thought I could prolong paying an energy bill.  Alas, we are all reliant on the gas.  Back on topic, I decided my life is like a combination plate.  I love to go out for mexican food, because mexican restaurants always have a combination plate. All that good food is heaped on your plate.  All the varieties of taste and color, it is a party on a plate.  You take the good with bad, often I am over-full or have indigestion.  It is worth it, especially when you throw in the sopapillas!  My life is crowded, loud, busy, messy and often over-full, but like that combination plate nothing is better.  I had meaner thoughts - that someone around me chose to go with a side of tacos.  Now, that is a foolish decision, because you sit there all evening wishing you had ordered the combo. Boring!!

I had an eventful day planned, but have spent it at home with a barfing Ned.  He puked all over the bus, so I drove out and got him.  I did paper work and thought I was getting organized.  Instead, I shredded the wrong pile of papers, but didn't realize it until my bonus check was in tiny pieces.  Nothing like making more work.  I did clean out the refrigerator, a job I had definitely put off too long. 

I have been interested in a project that I saw in the May/June issue of "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", it is called disCO - disintegration collaberation.  The artist is Seth Apter and he is interested in "the effects of age and time on man-made objects."  I made a hanging piece of "art " out in the yard.  I will photograph it through the seasons, to see how it falls apart and looks in different weather.  Ned is not feeling up to doing a project with me, he is on the couch.  I will present Ellen and Ian with the idea when they get home.  Here is a picture of my project.  I want our pieces to hang and be visible from the house.  Seth used a variety of papers and twine, I have millions of fabric scraps at my disposal.  I love color, so mine is more cheesy. 

I am going to put in a plug for "Cloth Paper Scissors" and "Quilting Arts".  These are excellent magazines for a range of art ideas.  I really enjoy my subscriptions!

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  1. I am so happy that you were inspired by my DisCo article in CPS. Your bundle looks great hanging off the tree. I look forward to seeing it as it changes with time and weather.