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Monday, June 14, 2010

Snack Bar Points

My greatest invention has been "snack bar points". SBP's.  For all good deeds, good behavior and general helpfulness the kids get points to buy treats at the pool. Man-oh-man have they been good.  Ellen got points today and said, "yes, now I have enough to get a cheeseburger." 

When I was a girl we belonged to a club and the highlight was the snack bar.  The snack bar at Paradise Valley made milk shakes.  I remember sitting with friends discussing the latest episodes of the Brady Bunch as we sipped our shakes.  When we had a "fancy" family dinner in the clubhouse, we could have orange juice mixed with sprite.  I always ordered shrimp.  Shrimp was the ultimate fancy food, just under lobster, which we were not allowed to order.  I had lobster once on a birthday, very special. 

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