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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

I hit the publish button too quickly.  I wanted to discuss the cat.  I had to take him to the vet yesterday.  Last week I thought I had a spot of ringworm, so I took the cat to the vet.  The cat does not have ringworm (who knows what I had), so I took him there for no reason.  Except, there is always a reason when you are actually at the vet, of course I was behind on his shots.  He also should get his teeth brushed.  It is no coincidence the word cat is in catastrophic.  No way in hell am I brushing the cat's teeth, I need all my fingers.  I don't actually give a rodent's behind that he has plaque, I have enough trouble getting the kids to brush.

You take a dog to the vet and he has general anxiety.  He pees on the floor, looks frantically everywhere to run and hide, is generally confused.  The dog's brain doesn't really make the leap that hey the person with me, brought me here.  A cat on the other hand, yowls cat expletives at the top of it's lungs at you.  I think my cat may have damaged his vocal cords and my ear-drums.  The entire time he is mad, it is spent looking directly at me.  A cat KNOWS you are the ^%$^&*(*^%%$ imbecile that brought him to the vet - he knows.  I got a beady-eyed stare for two hours straight.  He didn't pee on the floor at the vet, he peed on the floor at home.  The gray flash has definitely been giving me the cold-shoulder today!

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