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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mosaics and the June Quilt

For awhile yesterday the kids were quiet.  When I called up to see what they were doing, they replied "mosaics."  This is a kit with a picture on it and you stick little foam squares to the corresponding colors.  Seemingly harmless enough - Ned, of course, with help from Ellen.   As you can imagine, the house has these little squares everywhere. Skinny little boy back does not look good with a tattoo!

I worked on and finished my June quilt square - whoohoo!  I had decided on a lemonade theme last week.  We have been drinking a lot of homemade lemon and limeade, very refreshing on these hot days.  I received a Starbuck's gift card at the end of the school year and took the kids for treats on Sunday.  The window of Starbucks is a glass with ice, strawberries and mint tumbling in, I knew that is what I wanted to do.  Here it is!  


  1. Your quilt is so beautiful. Love the colors and design. Your kids are as creative as you are, even in mosaics. Love your posts.

  2. Wish I had read this before I saw you today. I would love to see this square in person. It's beautiful.