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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lost Dog and World Cup Soccer

I spent two hours this morning wandering the neighborhood looking for Riley.  The gate was wide open and no dog to be found.   He is totally deaf, so it does no good to yell. I am hoping that I don't have poison ivy or ticks.  I was getting quite frantic, whattayano, there he was standing at the gate.  He wasn't chuffing, so I am wondering if I somehow overlooked him the first time through the yard. 

I was listening to misc. news about the World Cup and realized once again how ignorant I am about geography.  Lately the kids have been cracking each other with "jabuti" and I kept getting mad at them.  I just figured they were doing urban potty talk of some sort to make me crazy.  In fact there is a country named Jabuti/Jabuuti/Djibouti in Africa.  There is also a turtle with the same name-FYI.  A few weeks ago a quilting friend from South Africa said she was going to cheer for Jabuti, I thought she also was joking around.   I should have taken the time to clarify this point.  I have to say, Jabuti just lends itself well to the same kind of ridicule that Uranus gets. 

I hung another "bundle" and couldn't get the kids interested in making anymore.  I had to clean up all the junk so we could use the kitchen table for eating a meal (one of my sumptuous, slavish feasts).  They aren't bored enough with summer to be excited about crafts with Mom - YET!  I am persistent....... or nagging depending on who you ask. I can't really blame them for not being interested in my projects, they have been having a great time swimming, playing lacrosse, baseball and throwing water balloons.  When Ellen was three she would always say, "ahh, this is the life."  She was right about that.

I LOVE simple syrup.  I am off to make a home-made glass of lemonade with lots of ice and mint from the yard.  For True Blood tomorrow night I will be making black cherry mojitos (reminds me of Vegas and girl friends), so come on by for a bite!

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