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Friday, June 18, 2010

Changing Five to One

I am changing my five column slightly.  On Monday I start a new dose of chemo and I don't know how I am going to feel.  Past indicators may mean I am wiped out.  I know I won't have five "interesting" things to list.  I am just going to list one daily accomplishment.  I use the word accomplishment loosely, often doing a load of laundry is accomplishment.

Several blogs I read have fun posts, that show what is on their design wall every Wednesday, or new projects on Thursday, etc.  I wish I could do that.  I have had the same project on my design wall for at least six weeks.  I worked on it for a few minutes this morning. I realize my June quilt will be coming due soon and once again I have no ideas.  Ellen suggested Dutch Wonderland, which is a June highlight, but not inspiring me to creativity.  I may have just gotten inspired......... by my glass of lemonade!

The Cloud AtlasI just finished reading "Cloud Atlas" and overall liked it, but found it confusingly odd.  It was to have the element of mystical, but I felt it was used at times of transition.  The story was compelling, but didn't flow well.

I am now reading John Irving's book "Last Night in Twisted River".  I hope it is good, his last three books have been stinky.   I am also still reading "The Lacuna".  I like the book and love Barbara Kingsolver, but it just isn't riveting.  I can put it down, without a desire to pick it back up.  I  know I will finish, I just don't know when.   My next book purchase will by "Silo" by Leif Peterson.  He is a friend from college and I really enjoyed his first two books, "Catherine Wheels" and "Normal Like Us".
Silo: Samantha Riley Saves the Planet (Volume 1)


  1. You are truly inspiring. I cant believe how much you get accomplished. Quilting, reading, swimming, parenting, working, and participating in the trial. Guess I better get out of my jammies, and try to keep up with you!

  2. I forgot about the word numskull. That's such a great word, but not a nice sentiment when used. Although, shouldnt it be spelled numbskull?

  3. Yes, I think numbskull would be proper. But, doesn't numskull make the intended seem even stoopider?