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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oscillations and Cardinals

I got some new sod over the repaired septic tank.  The yard guy admonished me to water religiously, he has even checked in on me.  I put out the the only sprinkler I have, the kind that goes chechechechechhhhhh.  I have cheched the house, the driveway, flooded a portion of the yard, but not really watered the sod area.  I seem to be sprinkler challenged.  Yesterday at Target, I bought one of the oscillating sprinklers and dratted if I can get it to oscillate.  It just waters in an arc, which is better than the other sprinkler.  I want it to oscillate only because it says it will. 

There has been a cardinal playing in the sprinkler for the last few days.  I think it is the mate to the crazy window-banging cardinal that is driving me mad.  I went out to take a picture and of course he wasn't out there.  This time I am going to la-di-da announce that I am just moving the sprinkler, but have the camera hidden.  That way I will catch him unawares and get a truly spectacular picture.  I can hear him trilling out there, I am off!

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