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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fourteen Men and an In-between week

In case anyone thought my life was boring, I wanted to let you know that today I showered with fourteen men............and a wookie.  "Laugh it up fuzzball." 

One of my favorite noises is the sound of Legos being shuffled around in a big box.  Ian and Ned have been doing a lot of Legos, since summer vacation has started.  Legos make a distinct noise as you move the bottom pieces up to the top.  The little accent pieces are always on the bottom.  Ian has been pulling up instructions from the internet and building complicated pieces.  He has to sift through all the parts to find just the exact piece, it really requires a lot of patience.  I think Legos might be my favorite kid (and grown-up) toy.

This week is a lazy week.  I am somewhat in-between projects.  I am somewhat in-between books.  We all seem to be in-between getting out of school mode and into summer mode.  Yesterday, we had a perfect day at Dutch Wonderland.  Today we are all just hanging.  My neighbors brought over chocolate chip cookie dough and  made cookies.  I have the best neighbors.  We are lazy daisies and it feels good.  I am going to hang my next "bundle" when I get up enough steam to drag out the ladder.  I really need to vacuum, large clumps of fur are every where.  I am sitting out by the pool drinking a Diet Coke, tipping the scale closer and closer to full-on summer relaxation.


  1. That's the number quote according to the Wookiepedia.

  2. It sounds like a good week.

    Went to guild tonight but was so tired I could barely focus.

    Are you free this weekend for some sewing or some other leisure activities?