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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leisure Studies and Irrational Fears

Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Studies

More and more today, leisure plays an important role in all of our lives. A Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Studies provides students with an opportunity to study the phenomenon of leisure in our society. A Leisure Studies Degree Program includes courses that will instruct students to use free time in a productive manner and to professionally prepare individuals to help others improve their quality of life through leisure activities.

What is a Bachelor's in Leisure Studies?

One thing that attracts many students to a BA in Leisure Studies is the adaptability and versatility of what such a degree prepares students for. A Bachelor's in Leisure Studies could cover topics from National Park Recreation to Sports Franchise Management to Recreational Therapy. Everyone has their own pastimes and leisure activities; a BA in Leisure Studies formalizes the study of these human behaviors.

Yes, this is for real!  Think I would qualify for independent study?  This degree has to be funded by the NFL or Anheiser Busch.   I wonder how many Leisure Managers have really been hired by the National Parks Service?  Do prospective employers laugh in their face.  Has anyone met anyone with this as their major?  

It is easy to forget as an adult that childhood is filled with all sorts of irrational fears.  I was terrified of Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and scary movies of any kind (actually still am).  I was afraid of snakes in water, botulism and putting my feet on the floor after dark - I never got up to pee.    I was reminded of all this by the kids.  Ned couldn't fall asleep last night, due to worrying about Big Foot taking him and the cat.  I asked him why Big Foot would want the cat, but he isn't very clear on this.  Today, Ellen was talking about making someone drop into a dunking booth or tank.  Ian was horrified, because it would be full of pirhanas.  He informed us they are often full of them and people get eaten.  Hmmmm?  Ellen is afraid of all sorts of things and we have to have her door closed at the exact same place every night.   I have found it is almost impossible to predict what the kids have on their minds.  

We went and saw "Toy Story 3", what a well-made movie!  I have to say that I cried at the end, no spoilers from me.   I wish all the movies were that good.  It has a great story and characters and didn't rely on the crass jokes that kid's movies use routinely.  It was just an all-around wonderful movie.



  1. As a matter of fact, I got my degree from Whitworth in Recreation! It does exist! (You remember Dr. Cutter -he was my advisor.) It IS a pretty funny thing to think about, though, majoring in free time.

  2. I've got a PhD in Leisure. It's sort of informal, there is no actual DEGREE paper. I did most of my practical coursework in bars, bowling alleys, bookstores, and similar venues. I have a minor in Doing Diddlysquat.

  3. What color is Ned's scary big foot? Please say brown and not white.