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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Largess and Lasagne

Lately I have been commenting to people, that things are just getting too big.  I don't mean just fast food, I mean every day, common items.  For example, I went to a wine tasting party and the hostess' labrador was the biggest one I have ever seen.  He weighed 110 lbs and that was after the 20 he had just lost.  He was not fat at all, just enormous.  He made Hoover look puny.  The raspberries and blackberries are jumbo.  Yesterday, I bought the biggest strawberrries, because that is all they had.  That is a full sized lime, not a key lime - I swear.  It is weird. 

Today in downtown Bethesda I passed a newsstand with the following header.  This was too good to pass up!  I guess I will have to vote on the side of bigger being better.

Maddy and I made lasagnes last night.  We had a production line going.  We had gone shopping together and then came home to assemble them.  We had a good time.   I delivered a meal to a friend starting up again with the breast cancer crud, it makes me mad, mad, mad. 

I finished the May quilt, but forgot to take a picture.  It is officially too late for me to go back downstairs and take one.  It is officially lay on the bed and read quilt magazines time.  My friend loaded me up with "Quilter's Home" and "Real Simple" - hoorah.  It has become the time of night that unless there is fire, flood, vomit or blood I do not want to be disturbed.  Somehow this never works, I was just bothered over a spider.  A spider in the hallway mind you, not even in a bedroom.   Arghh!!  If the kids had been in their beds in their rooms, they would not have discovered a spider in the hallway.  The cat went that way, maybe he will eat it.

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