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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blow-Outs and Japanes Erasers

I say this all the time, but I really shouldn't pay attention to the news.  The latest thing bothering me is the oil spill.  "The blow-out preventers" did not work according to BP.  First off, that is the dumbest name.  Second of all, of course they didn't.  The term blow-out means it cannot be prevented,  every parent learns this fact early, early, early on in their infants life.  A blow-out cannot ever be controlled, predicted, anticipated or diverted! The only thing you can do is plan.  Every parent carries extra diapers, wipes, pants, socks, shirts and usually in triplicate.  No matter what you do a blow-out is always monumental.  It is impossible for me to believe that the rig didn't have three or four stop-gap, oh shit! measures.  They are all acting surprised that this could happen. 

The kids are into Japanese erasers.  A year ago I gave each kid one of them as a little gift.  None of the kids were particularly interested.  I thought they were adorable, clever and kitschy.  Now, they are the hottest thing ever.  Ned literally tore the house apart yesterday looking for the erasers I had bought last year.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  He pulled out every drawer, box, bag, container that he could find and of course had to dump them.  Ian burst out sobbing that everyone has them but him.  Last week we had this sobbing over those rubber bracelets.  We need summer to arrive to break the cycle of annoying fads, at least a three month break.

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