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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Damselfly and Bight

Last night as we were leaving for a barbecue, I noticed a dragonfly in the breezeway.  It was enormous and I haven't seen one like it before.  Ned picked it up and we realized it was still alive.  Ned carried it out of the breezeway and it flew off.  I was telling this story at dinner and a friend said it could be a damselfly.  I have never heard of damselflies, what a great name!  I think I should come up with a new line of toys or a children's  book centered around damselflies who are saved from dragonflies!
Miss Ellie participated in a 6th grade triathalon.  She was the swimmer in her team of three.  Alyssa and Shannon were her teammates.  This was an awesome event.  The 6th graders were so proud of themselves.  The kids cheered each other on and were so supportive.  So many parents came out to watch their kids participate, it was exciting to watch the kids cross the finish line. They didn't make a deal of scores, but the top four winners were all girls!!  FLOWER POWER!!   I stayed and ate lunch with the girls and then volunteered for a couple of hours in Ned's room.  I wandered over to visit Ian who was finishing up his Statue of Liberty made from found items.   I love the kids school!  Chummi went to cheer on El.

I got a bite guard and absolutely love it.  In my sleep I have been clenching my teeth and cracking them.  I had to get a crown due to a cracked tooth.  I put this thing in and it has made a world of difference in my sleeping. Turns out millions of people have a bite guard, I swear I live under a rock.   I was having a brain fart though and couldn't remember if bite used to be spelled bight.  I just wasn't sure if it had gone the way of donuts and lite.  In fact, it has not.  Bight is a small bay or a loop in a rope. I have never heard bight used either of these ways, so I have learned two new words.

I got two quilts back from a longarm quilter I heard of on FB.  Turns out she lives in College Place, WA.  She happened to be visiting a friend out here and so hand delivered my quilts.  Her mom was along to attend a breast cancer conference in DC.  I really enjoyed meeting both of them.  My quilts aren't bound yet, but here are the pictures. The pink one I am donating to "Pink on the Links" and the blue one is from an MAQ class. In July I am attending MAQ again with Amanda, I am really looking forward to it!

I am off do some quilting.  I have assembled all the squares for Dr. Fetting's quilt.  I am going to do my favorite part and arrange all the squares on the design wall.  I have also started my May quilt block and hope to finish it.  After that I  am off to buy a tail for the pool vacuum.  Just like any kind of tail, the kids love to pull it.  I am always shrieking at them to not touch it, because all that pool gear costs a fortune to replace. 

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  1. Wow, Toni, I love the blue quilt! You are talented. Perhaps you can start a business and somehow connect the damselfly name to it. I'd buy one from you!

    Hope you are feeling well these days. And, I just read Kelly Corrigan's book "The Middle Place". Thank you for recommending her.