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Friday, March 12, 2010

Voles and the National Textile Museum

I want to say first off that I had given up on LOST.  Tuesday's episode was pretty good.  I think I want to see the face-off between Widmore and Linus.

The news keeps touting the benefits of pomegranates, so I have been eating healthy by consuming vast quantities of dark-chocolate-covered-pomegranates.  The dark chocolate is good for me also.  It is good to be a health food nut.

Spring is here and I know this because the cat has been bringing me voles again.  And no I am not going to talk about my cat.  The wild ones and I were at a friend's house yesterday and she was showing us these crazy patterns in her grass.  It is all these trails torn out of the grass at the surface, no holes.  We looked it up and she has meadow voles.  My yard doesn't have those crop circles, so I think I just have plain old voles.   I had never heard of voles until I started reading alphabet books with Ellen as a baby and never saw one until the cat's special delivery.  The internet showed many, many kinds of voles, they are quite cute. They must not be very fast, because the internet also showed all kinds of pictures with people holding them.  I told the boys they are not to pick them up!

I am almost finished re-reading "The Catcher in the Rye" and noticed that J.D. Salinger spelled crummy as crumby. He uses this word a lot.  I looked it up out of curiosity sake (and I needed another hand full of DCCP's).  Either spelling is correct.  The word crumbum is a playful variation for the word crumb.  Why do we need a playful variation for the work crum?  Maybe it was just a crummy/crumby definition.   I just can't take crumby seriously.  I have a crumby muffin top.  I look crummy with a whale's tail.

I have been planning on going to the National Textile Museum (yes, there is one) on Monday, but I am not crazy about the exhibition right now.  It is "Contemporary Japanese Fashion", japanese and fashion are an oxymoron.  After the Japanese gave up kimonos, the entire country went to kitsch.  Cute, clever kitsch, but still kitsch.

Yesterday, the wild ones were home from school for conferences, that is also why we were at a friend's house.  Ellen still had to go since she is middle school, no sympathy from her brothers.  The boys drew up a plan to get a new DSI game, I feel kinda bad that I took such advantage of them.  For the nineteen dollar game, I had them do the following:

pick up all the dog poop, three months worth, GROSS
pick up all the sticks in the backyard
vacuum upstairs and downstairs
dust (haha) upstairs and downstairs
make all the beds, including mine

They finished and Ian said, "but you did nothing." What a glorious morning I had.


  1. I LOVE it! Nanette

  2. Those kids will NEVER be as smart as you, because they may have youth and energy on their side, but you have age and guile! That's a LOT of work for $17. I approve of that kind of child labor.

    I am the only person I know who really disliked The Catcher in the Rye and thinks it is grossly overrated.