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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday and Snakes

Chum-Chum told me this is his favorite day of the week, this was one of those mornings that makes you glad for the weekend.  Ned pitched an absolute fit this morning.  He kept telling me he was sick, except he seemed fine.  I told him if he is sick then he won't be able to go to the class birthdays this weekend, that got him up and moving.  He was surly about it, but he got out the door.  Turns out, he was mad about the pants I had put out for him to wear.  Normally, I don't lay out their clothes, but those were the only clean pants.  If he had told me the issue, I would have let him wear yesterday's dirty ones.  He can be so cantankerous, with a capital C.

The cat found a snake, yes a snake, and from somewhere in the house.  I am tiptoeing around hoping that snake wasn't co-habitating.  My friend has had a snake in her house and I have been teasing her about it, I should know to keep my mouth closed.  I like nature outside, not inside.  Actually, I don't like snakes outside or inside.  This is not my first snake incident and probably not the last.  Ughhh!!

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather spend my money on dessert rather than cocktails.  I of course have always known this about myself, but reconfirmed it this week.  I went to Woodberry Kitchen with friends.  We had a very yummy dinner.  The cocktail was excellent, but the home-made chocolate pudding with whipped cream was to die for.  I had the best salad as well, excellent ranch dressing.  I have been dreaming of that salad. 

I thought through Ellen's dinner proposal and figured I would let time take it's course.  Smart move (for once) on my part.  This morning she informed me they were just going to be friends.   She still had on party socks for this boy, but they are just good friends.  I am not really sure about the party sock thing, she had on pink argyles.

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