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Monday, March 22, 2010

Comcast and Art Activities

Last week, I was listening to NPR and they were discussing how large companies are trying to use the internet and social networking for "advertising."  Large corps. are trying to find new ways to reach consumers.  Later that day I wrote a post on this blog and mentioned I was waiting for Comcast to install the cable for my new tv.  I got a comment from Comcast saying they could work on getting a better date.  SWEET! The cable guy is coming on Wednesday.  Years ago I heard that for every positive experience you tell three people.  For every negative experience the average person tells eleven people about it.  I am having a positive experience, but don't actually know if I am telling more than three people about it.  I don't know who reads this, so I am assuming there are at least three of you to hear my positive experience.  I told the kids about it, so that is already three people (sometimes they are human).  We all know they tell everyone everything, so the word will spread quickly.  Thanks, Comcast, if you read this.  Oh, and Ellen "LOVES the name Xfinity."

The kids are on spring break for the last fifty-seven days, feels like fifty-seven, today anyway.  I have tried to engage them in art projects, but only Ned will take me up on the activities.  I am sure Ned won't do art projects with me soon, but for now he enjoys them.  I read my friend Cheryl's weekly project blog, oh shoot, I can't remember the name.  I think it is on my page, if not, I will add it.  Anyway, she motivated me to drag out the fabric paints.  Ned and I painted on spare pieces of batting and a spare scarf left over by Aunt Teri.  We have to let them dry and then set, but here is a wet picture.  Ned and I also made fabric robots with misc. stuff.  I have included a picture of that also. 

It is so nice to have longer days and warmer weather.  The snowdrops and daffodils are out and the cherry trees are getting blooms.  


  1. Cheryl's project blog is HTTP//blog.muppin.com.

  2. I'm still reading this blog and enjoying it, Toni! You never cease to amaze me with what you get done in a day, a week, or however long. I'm impressed that you just do it! (Will Nike read this and give you some free shoes now? :-)

    Wendy Pederson
    Vancouver, WA