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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art Work and Tall Tales

Ellen has been working on a picture over the last few days.  She has done a really nice job, she is a good little artist.  Ned sat down tonight after dinner and started working on something.  He was still and quiet for so long, that I finally asked him what he was up to.

Ned just told us he lost a sprinting race, because Kendall leaned down and untied his shoe laces.  That would be quite a feat to untie the laces on a moving boy.  All this is being discussed as Ellen is trying to remember the definitions of action force and air resistance.

I seem to be discussing my cat way too often lately, a sure sign I need to get out more.  The other day every time we opened the back door he would pop up.  When the door closed he would hide behind the grill.  The kids thought this was so funny they did it fifty times in a row.

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  1. The kids are both showing artistic talent!