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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Car Repairs and Kid Trauma

I had a nice relaxing morning at the car dealership.  I took my car in for routine maintenance.  I sat and watched the Today Show while eating donuts and freshly made popcorn.  It was quite pleasant.  I wonder if they would notice me hanging out even if I don't need car repairs? I went to get my emissions testing and it took less than five minutes.  All this ease ended when I picked up the kids.

Right off the bus, I get the following news:

1.  Ellen asked a boy to go out to dinner with her, bold move, and hopefully one that won't happen soon.  Do I sit with them, next to them, drop them off and come back?  She isn't clear on where they will go.  The only way this will be a match made in heaven is if he wants to go out for hamburgers. 

Her dad asks,"have we discussed sex with her?".  Obviously, WE means ME!  Yes, I have, but dinner doesn't mean anymore than dinner.  Good grief!!    If I thought dinner was a guarantee for anything more than dinner, I would definitely ask out Bono. 

2. Ned's teacher tells me he has been very concerned/worried for me because I had chemo.  He told the class, "his mom has a bag that hangs down and blood comes out."  That is a gross description, I sound like a vampire getting a blood transfusion.  This makes me sad that he is worrying for me.  It really breaks my heart. 

Yesterday, he told me that it was the first day all year that he hasn't gotten into trouble.  That means Ned has had some form of mischief for over 100 days of school. 

3.  Ian sits me on the couch and bursts into tears.  He is whispering that he crashed into one of the girls in his class and "flattened her like a pancake."  He was an absolute wreck.  He sat on my lap and cried for a good ten minutes and then he just snuggled.  Poor guy!!

I have to say, I just had an emotional hour.  The bummer is, they rushed out the door, before I/ME/MOM could get resolution on all of this.  I am sure they have all moved on, but I needed to be able to discuss it with them more. 

I am going out to dinner (dinner only) with some friends.  I will have to order some Zen-like food or maybe they will have a special mojito - or seven. 

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  1. Oh,my! That IS quite a day! I can see why you need closure! :) Your kids are so cute and smart and funny! - Nanette