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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stink Bugs and Sushi

I bought a new tv for a combined birthday gift for all four of us.  Ellen wasn't crazy about this plan, she wants wrapped presents.  I hope I don't send her into therapy.  I can hear it now, "....and then there was the year my mom didn't give me any presents."  It will be great when we can use it.  Comcast can't come out until April 6, so for now it is sitting around accumulating dust.

I cleaned and rearranged the living room to add the tv and the room is filled with stink bugs.  At least that is what Ned tells me they are, he is always rescuing them.  The bugs in question are dessicated, brown, lumbering, prehistoric looking things.  They must taste bad, because the cat and dogs won't touch them.  I haven't sniffed one to know if they stink.  We had them all winter, why did so many not die off?  It is very odd.  I am not running a nature preserve.  I have a live and let live attitude for critters outside my house, but why do they keep coming inside.  I already care for plenty-o creatures.

Yesterday, I watched a hawk fly across eight lanes of free-way traffic.  It was almost nailed by a semi, that crazy bird needed an air traffic controller.  I bet that truck driver was freaked out when a giant bird flew across his wind-shield.  The hawk barely made it across. It landed in a tree on the other side.  Why did the hawk cross the road?

I went out with friends for sushi last night.  It was excellent.  We went to Thai One On.  I had shrimp tempura and avocado with crab and spicy teriyaki sauce on top.  I also had a salad with ginger dressing, super yum.  My friends taught me the bump app for my iphone.  On my way home from sushi I had an escapade and I am not sure I did the right thing.

I was on Joppa road by Blakehurst and a car is stopped in the middle of the road with  the car door wide open.  The young woman is standing outside the car crying.  I stop to help her.  She is about twenty-four and absolutely shit-faced.  I tell her to go stand on the curb and I pull her car over to the side and turn on the flashers.  She has a flat tire and a flat spare.  This girl has no clue where she is or where she was going.  She calls her boyfriend and he says he will come get her.  I stay with her,  she is a hysterical wreck.  She is so trashed she drops trou and pees in the road.   Her boyfriend pulls up and stops his car in the middle of the road, hops out and leaves the door open.  I tell him to move his car to the side and close the door.  I don't think this young generation has my much practical, common sense.  She had never had a flat.  I ask them repeatedly, he isn't going to let her drive? He says no, but they also didn't want to leave the car.  With a flat and no spare, they hopefully left it there.  Should I have driven her home and brought him back?  I worried all night that they fixed it and he let her drive home drunk.  Should I have called the police?  I just don't know if I did the right thing. 

We are in spring mode right now, seventy degrees and sunny.  Saturday is the spring equinox.  Three years ago, the kids and I planted a lilac to honor my ex-father-in-law's  death.  The kids call it the poppy plant.  I hope it makes it this year.  It was under the snow plow pile.  The boys dug it out and we are hoping for the best.  It didn't bloom at all last year.  I love lilacs.

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  1. Nice TV! The room looks really nice. Good job!

    Anyway, I decided to post because I work for Comcast. I will be happy to check with my contacts if we can send out a tech sooner that 4/6. You can contact me and provide the phone number listed on your account so that I can check.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations