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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pinheads and Pinstripes

Two things I assumed we all held "self-evident", but obviously not.  1). If you want to be taken seriously, you must wear pants. "You are looking like a fool with your pants on the ground."  2).  If you are running for President, making a sex tape is a really bad idea, monumentally bad in fact.

I do realize it is all made for tv, but Rielle Hunter, could not possibly have thought she would be credible with no pants.  How many serious interviews have been done with the person unclad.  I bet even the Romans donned their togas.  The boudoir shot, that she didn't realize would be used, what a joke.  There is a reason that the "power suit" was invented.  A suit covers a whole lot of a person's assets.  Now the person can still show what an ass they are, John Edwards, but it won't be as readily obvious.  He confirmed he was a pinhead in pinstripes with the sex tape.  That was really just a "well duh" plan, you would think?  I think no thinking was involved actually.  It is fortunate for Americans he never made it that far,  natural selection (too bad my theory didn't work with Bush).

Last night, I had great company with a guy, good food and over two hours of conversation.  As I was riding the metro home, I realized that would be a date.  

I spent the last three days in DC.  I stayed with M&C and had a marvelous time.  I do have to show you my blister picture.  I had one on both feet, it was/is owie-zowie.  I made a bad choice for shoe selection and really payed for it.  I have been hobbling around.  It rained for three days straight, and of course today is bright and sunny.  I met Ron (my brother) for sight-seeing and man did we see it all.  We even got to see the St. Patrick's Day parade, soggy, but the Irish are used to rainy weather.  I think St. Patrick's Day is a d-u-m-b holiday.  Ron and I saw two beer-bellied fatties in kilts and I am still sorry I didn't get my picture taken with them.  They were probably the only two men in the world who didn't look good in a kilt.  It was a great weekend to see DC, the rain kept people away I think.  We were able see things (I just reduced the Smithsonian Collection to the word "things") without the crowds.  We did not tromp all the way to the Lincoln, but saw many of the museums.  I loved the Portrait Gallery, it was my favorite museum this trip.  The museum had a portrait contest exhibit, it was excellent.  Ron and I met up with his wife after her convention and had dinner with C&M.  Then Cazz gave his famous night-time tour.  I really love DC.  I feel lucky that we live so close to it.  The kids were not along, so it was quiet with no crazy stories.  It was relaxing.

Today, I am off to chemo -  oh, whoohoo!  I am going to nap in the big, pink chair.  I really pushed myself with all the walking, definitely worth it though.  I  am not a fan of the spring daylight saving adjustment.  I have been staying up too late and getting up too early, a cat nap will be lovely.  A dog nap may be more appropriate, Hoover is lying next to me in a patch of sun, snoring.  I actually bring my iPod, so I don't have to listen to snoring, barfing or tv.

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