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Friday, March 26, 2010

Quotes and Quotables

After taking the kids to the bus, I spend a few, some, way too many minutes on my computer.  I am a cyber-voyeur.  From my dashboard I can endlessly hop from blog to blog.  It doesn't seem to repeat and groups by topics.  Which is a bummer when you loop into blogs about fungi.  I know that little Jaako is skiing at daycare. I know that Mary has planted a new tree.  I know Christopher's cats won't stop fighting.  I know that somewhere in Malaysia there is a student riot.  What I don't know is who these people are.  I am fascinated with all the different words, situations and lives going on in this big, but very small world.  I have also been reading magazines more than usual.  I generally don't read magazines at home or short stories, I just get into it and then it is over.  I have come across a few good quotes this week and thought I would share them.

"No age group takes itself more seriously than teenagers." - John Huges
"The world breaks everyone.  And afterward many are strong in the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway
"Have regrets. They are fuel.  On the page they flare to desire." - Geoff Dyer
"Ethiopia didn't just blow my mind.  It opened my mind." - Bono
"What will survive is love." - Larkin
"Don't eat more than you can lift." - Miss Piggy

This week has also been a week of quotables.  To me, quotables are dubious quotes or things overheard.  They have that element of huh, well duh or what?  None of these quotables were from the kids, unfortunately this foolishness is from adults.  Cringe worthy, but I am not going to comment.  Please know I am rolling my eyes and twitching.

I listened to a woman complain about the scratches on her car and how insurance won't let them file a claim. The scratches were from her husband clearing the snow off with the snow shovel.

A blog profile that lists how fun she is, her passions are order and hygiene.

I was reading a book review, can't remember the title, but the author tells that her book is going to be new and exciting.  She is going to write about vampires going mainstream.  I have to comment on this one, has this woman been sheltering under a rock?

I read a bible school protocol manual (not my church and am not sure why I was reading it) the instructor is "to use the word dark and not black, some ethnic groups might be offended".   This one is paired with overhearing two people discussing if they are allowed to call themselves white. 

A world full of ninnies.  I have a good one on me.  Two years ago when we went to New York I was telling Ian that the Statue of Liberty flame is a real flame.  It has been burning since they put up the statue.  The New Yorker behind me is snorting.  The flame is painted. Stupid tourist!   I have seen the eternal flame at Oral Roberts University - big whoopee!

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