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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring and Swaps

I really don't think I should say it out loud, but there is a slight twinge of spring in the air.  As we all know time flies, so it is already March.  Ellen turns 12 in March and Ian 9 in April.  It goes by in a blink.  Ellen told me, "she is getting curves."  They are the cutest little curves, a different landscape on a body I know so well.  Sorry, I was talking about spring and not that my kids are growing up so fast.  March is a tease, but closer to spring thank goodness.  We still have snow from the round of storms, but it is melting and if you look carefully the daffodils are pushing up.  Day light savings is in 14 days, but who's counting.  That added daylight means the wild ones can tear around the yard and not in the house. 

My friend came over to sew for awhile last night.  We had dinner, watched Olympics and worked on different projects.  It was nice.  Ellen was at a sleepover (what are they sleeping over) and the boys played Club Penguin with only a small amount of rabble-raising. 

I entered two swaps with the magazine "Cloth, Paper, Scissors".  Anyone can enter, if you pay five dollars, no special talents needed.  I made and sent in a postcard and a pendant and I will get one of each in return.  Here are the pictures, I take really bad pictures.  The post card swap had a theme of inspiration.  I will post the ones I receive, it isn't until April. 


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