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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cativity and Fact or Fiction

I read that cats sleep on average 19 hours a day.  I have been home a lot lately and have discovered that my cat is quite busy.  A lot of cativity goes on around here.  Juno is busy investigating, chasing, terrorizing and plotting.  He has been stuck inside more than usual and so I think he is thinking up evil plans to capture and mutilate all the voles that live near here.  I think he practices his moves on Ellen.  He is always sneaking about, to jump out on her.  I think he appreciates the shrieking she does.  We call him the "gray flash", he is a whisper in the shadows.  A friend called my cat intrepid.  I think that is the perfect word for cats.

The kids often ask me if a book, movie or story is fact or fiction.  That is a good question. I think we should assume things are fiction until proven definitively.   The facts I have might be different than the facts you have, so is something fiction?  Fact and fiction is often a matter of perspective.  How much of this blog is fact and how much is fiction?   Just because you know me and can hear my voice, do you think I am telling the truth?  Reality tv is total fiction.  Pieces of stories are snipped together and presented as real.  Do we really believe the housewives are all friends?  In a round-about way I am saying all this because your version of the truth is probably not the only version of the truth.  Fact or fiction?

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