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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hill Cows and Aliens

I was talking to the wild ones about a boy we know who is undergoing treatment for a bone cancer.  He had surgery just below the knee and then had surgery on the other leg to make sure his legs will be the same length.  Ellen piped up, "luckfully, he won't be like a hill cow!"  Sometimes it makes me wonder what planet my children are from? Quite truthfully we should look at our children as aliens.  They haven't been on our planet long.  They haven't had a chance to study our ways.  They make connections that don't make sense, but work,  because they are higher beings.  It is only after we wear them down to conformity that we call them human, which seems to coincide with them going off to college.

The mid-atlantic region was hit hard with snow this weekend.  It was quite a wonderful storm.  It came on Friday, so most people could stay home to enjoy it.  The sun came out on Sunday and it was very beautiful.  It was amazingly quiet, no cars or planes.  There was a woodpecker out in the driveway making a terrible racket.  His red head really stood out against all the white.  Unfortunately, there is no-where for the snow to go and so many roads are still not passable.  We are supposed to get another storm tomorrow, understatement of the year, that will not be great at all!  You may not see any of us until March.  Schools might be in session until July 4th.  

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