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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holden Caulfield and Snow

Everything this week comes down to the snow.  If I had been on my normal routine I may have forgotten about J.D. Salinger passing away.  Since I am bored and trying to hide from the kids, I decided to look for "The Catcher in the Rye".  I have read this numerous times, but truthfully probably not in a decade or more.  This is my original copy from 9th grade.  It has all my notes written in the margins and just looking at it made me hate high school all over again. A kind of sock to the gut feeling.  I loved this book. Related to this book.  Idolized this book.   And am rereading it with trepidation, I don't want to ruin it for myself.  It is harder now to separate the book from the author knowing what a nut he was.  I want this book to be just as good and hope I don't disappoint myself. 

I have been way too domestic.  I dusted for no reason, no company coming over.  I think dusting is pointless, there is always dust.  We all know there is dust, dust is on everything, so why bother.   I cleaned my desk.  I vacuumed out the spice drawer.  I organized the paper sacks from the grocery store.  I paid Ned to match up all the tupperware type containers.   I have lost my mind and as evidence I present the pumpkin pie I made with no sugar.  Absolutely revolting.  Now the kids won't try anything when I make something delicious, but they all tasted the gakky pie. 

I have been so happy to have up-graded cable service, but we have a faulty remote - for real life.  Half the time we can't change channels and the 0 doesn't work.  You have to use the remote, because the comcast guy programmed it that way.   Are they trying to help me go insane?  I can't watch HBO, because of course it starts at 300 and I can't type the 0.  It keeps getting stuck on channel 1, which is a channel to tell you what all the other channels are showing.  All the other channels I cannot watch!  If there was not 48 " of snow they would actually send a technician out.  I have to tell you I feel really lame having a tech come out to help with the remote.  Loser with a capital L.  You know that guy is going to get back to the break-room and entertain his cohorts with the stupid lady who couldn't work the remote.  I think it really is broken and not just user error, because Ellen can't get it to work either. 

Tomorrow is day number six of no school due to snow.  Monday is a holiday.  We have had a lot of quantity time together.  I live in a big house and yet we are all in the same room.   Maybe I should be flattered that the kids and dogs want to be in whatever room I am in, but why do the kids and dogs always have to be in the same room I am in.  Someone is always putting their feet on me. 

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  1. Are you watching the Olympics? You ought to get the kids into sports, so they can get sponsors, win golds, and support you in luxury in your old age.

    My mother would have loved your kids. She always wanted us in the same room with her and it drove her nuts when I wanted time to myself.

    Stop cleaning now, because when you vacuumed the spice drawer, you started a crack in the space time continuum.