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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken, Donuts and a Series of Events

Monday afternoon Ian told me he needed chicken for school the next day.  His class is reading a book and chicken noodle soup is central to the story.  The kids are going to make soup as a class.  After dinner, I drive to the grocery store for chicken.  I get it ready and then receive an email that the chicken isn't needed until Wednesday. 

Tuesday morning Ellen wakes up LATE and tells me she is supposed to bring donuts in for advisory.  It is 7:30 the bus comes at 7:40 and it is my work day.  No way is that going to happen.  I ask her the obvious question.  Could you not have told me this last night when I was AT the grocery store buying chicken?  She tells me, quite truthfully, "but I didn't need them until today."  Does she think I am going to cough up donuts like a furball?

Tuesday evening my friend calls, because she has a quiet evening to herself, but realizes she is supposed to send in chicken.  She asks if her son can share our chicken.  I tell her no problem, I will divide the DAMN chicken in half, but she owes me big.  Ellen is sitting next to me and says, "ooohh, you said damn."  After our conversation I get up, re-package and re-label the chicken.

Wednesday we leave the house early, because Ellen's donut day was pushed back.  We are at Dunkin Donuts trying to order donuts from the Indian family that speaks NO english.  There is a huge line and Ellen is itemizing which donuts she wants.  One blue, two pink.......I thought I might lose my mind!   The boys of course want to take in donuts, since Ellen gets to.  So 24 donuts and 100 munchkins later, we make it out off the premises.    We get to school and it hits me, "we left the chicken at home."  Ellen says, "no, you left the damn chicken at home."  I drove home, got the chicken, returned it to school.  No lie, I go in the house putter for a few minutes, grab my keys and glasses, go back out to the car.  Chicken is on the counter!  The other part of all this is that Ian doesn't even like chicken.  He will choke it down, smothered with Old Bay, if I play mean mom and make him. 


  1. I'm with you. Bedtime tonight, "Oh mom, tomorrow is Ugly Sweater day!" So glad I could accommodate on such short notice. A thrift store treasure from college days of course.

    Love your Jan & Feb quilts!

  2. LOL - coughing up donuts like furballs. That is pure poetry. Your life (or at least, this blog entry) could be a sitcom. Thanks for making my day, Toni!