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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spiders and Orange Feathers

I ran a load of laundry today, miracle of all miracles.  I was transferring clean clothes to the dryer and had a major scare.  There was an absolutely enormous, big-ass, black spider in the washer.  I bravely bent in closer assuming it would be dead, since it had just completed a wash cycle and realized it was a rubber spider.  One of the wild ones must have had it in their pocket - woowee! 

An older friend (her son is my age) was telling me about the time doing laundry that she found a condom in her son's pocket.  She told me that she had no idea what it was.  She thought maybe it was one of those thumb protectors that secretaries used to wear.  I cannot look at her son with a straight face anymore.  I am sure no guy wants his appendage to be small enough to be covered with a thumb protector.

Teri informed me that some dinosaurs may in fact have been covered in orange feathers (tails anyway) and not leathery type skin as assumed.  I just can't picture this.  What would their environment have had to look like to provide them camouflage?  Is it possible that James Cameron read this report before making Avatar?  It just makes me think of drag queens, large and flamboyant!

I think my vampire addiction is in fact a mental illness.  I had a lot of garlic for lunch today and actually thought, "It is a good thing I am not dating a vampire."  I wonder if weretigers mind garlic?

Not only did I do laundry, but I went to the grocery store.  I was dying for some fresh fruit!  The shelves were bare.  My question is, is this a storm preparation thing or an economy thing?  Are the stores keeping smaller inventories?  Am I going to need to start stockpiling Diet Coke?  Which I do have enough to keep me through the storm of 2010.  I hope this is something the news is just hyping up and then will be wrong about!  The cable guy (he stood me up last week) better come tomorrow and I hope my Amazon delivery arrives.  Diet Coke, movies and good books - let it snow, let is snow, let it snow.

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