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Friday, January 29, 2010

Liar Food

Someone else came up with all these liar foods. I came up with NOTHING.  I really wanted to think up some - really, really, really.  This idea just struck me as funny.  I don't have any idea what cannibal balls are, but doesn't sound like something vegetarians would like.

chili, rocky mountain oysters, baked alaksa, brown betty, lady fingers, cannibal balls, hopping johnnie, hush puppies

When I was in college I went to a friend's house.  They had something large hanging on the fireplace, I asked my friend's dad what it was.  It was a bull scrotum.   Cannibal balls made me think of that.  This same friend had a ball song.

Scrotum, scrotum all covered with hair and it fits real nice in your underwear.


  1. I will sing it with my kids in your honor tonight. I can expect serious giggles from #2 (and maybe a call from the teacher next week) and shreeks and groans from #1. Dad will laugh when I share your memory from that visit, and reference to cannibal balls. It still hangs on the fireplace!

  2. A) Your blog made me laugh again
    B) Your kids' comments cracke me up. They'll appreciate your brilliance someday
    C) How in the heck can you read that many books?!
    D) Hoorah for the disappearance of the ants!

  3. My cousin informs me that in Texas, at some bull roasts, they serve a specialty of grilled bull testes.

    I can't decide if he's serious or just telling me that to watch me gag.