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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby books and Old Age

This morning the boys and I are driving to pick up Ellen from her math tutoring. We are on a four lane road, not a freeway, but the cars are driving fast. Coming towards us I see a deer run out and safely cross all four lanes. Another one runs out and runs into the side of a small-size type sedan. The deer hits, flies up in the air and lands in the other lane. I am driving by the car that hit the deer, the driver seems entirely oblivious to the fact she just hit a really large animal. This old lady didn't have a clue what just happened. I think a good sign you should not be driving is when you don't recognize that enormous jolt that shakes your car. Is she going to notice the damage, it had to have left a dent. Maybe this is a case of "ignorance is bliss". Chumby burst into tears, because the deer was just lying there. We did have to drive back that same way about a half hour later and the deer was gone, so we took that as a good sign. At least, I told the kids it was.

Our plumbing is back to normal and now I have to do housework. I could easily have done it without water. There is no correlation between lack of water and vacuum power, but I just felt no need to burden myself. I have been quilting not house cleaning and it really shows, at least to me, the kids never notice. Company is coming over to watch the Raven's game, so I should clean the guest bathroom and hope they don't venture anywhere else. My house is too big for the amount of maintenance I want to do on it. More and more, house work is sinking lower and lower on the priority list.

Sloopy Farkelfricken decided he no longer wants the "baby" books in his room. He packed them all up into a box and put them in his closet. This is sad for me. He is the baby, he should want the baby books out. At the big age of six, he wants his Lego creations on display. I have to be a grown up and honor this, but there is a little arrow lodged in my heart.

I took the boys to get a haircut(why we saw the deer) and the Nedster declined today, because he wants to be able to flip his hair like a boy on the bus. I do indulge Ned, he is the baby remember. He also has that white hair that is so hard to cut, because it is beautiful. In the summer the boys don't have to haircuts, so he can flip it in June. Right now it is so short if won't even flick. Ian is more practical and knew he needed a cut. He had cut his own hair in October and it had finally grown out to a length to cut out his un-handy-work. He looks good.

Ellie B. Jones scored a B on her math test and we have been doing a victory dance. When you have a child who struggles with grades, these accomplishments mean that much more. She works hard for these successes. I worry and expend more effort on little miss than I do both boys combined. Having two brothers who are natural students makes it hard for her.

I have decided to make a small quilt a month, to remember one fun activity. I try to do this thoroughout the year with the kids, by December it is hard to remember a special day from January. I should say it is hard for me. Ian is very good at dates and time and space, he remembers very accurately. I guess I am crafting something so I will be able to recall the time. January, my square is a "45" and a saguaro, for my trip to Phoenix. I am looking forward to finding out what February will be. I am trying to use up scraps and make use of what I have. Of course, I did have to go buy the fusible. I chose to do small, so I deplete my store of small pieces of batting left over from other projects. They are too big to throw away, just not big enough to use on their own. I am too lazy really to sew them together for a big quilt. I asked the kids if I should clear a spot on my sewing room tack board or hang them on the refrigerator and the refrigerator it is. My urchins want to look at the quilts as well, I like this.

Today we are having a heat-wave, the temp is around 50. I told the wild ones they can play WII until 2:00 and then we are all going out to do yard work. We are supposed to get rain and I want to make sure the gutters are clear. Guiltily I pay the boys five dollars to pick up the dog poo, this job really is worth fifty dollars. I figure I only have a few more years of slave wages left out of them.