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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disco and Glen Campbell

Don't you just love Glen Campbell! You have to love anyone born in Delight, Arkansas.  I loved his music as a kid and still smile when I hear it (of course, I never hear it anywhere except on my own Ipod).  Teri and I would sing "Rhinestone Cowboy" over and over.  I still like all that dorky music.

I just read an article in Vanity Fair about disco.   It is actually the issue with Tiger Woods, but I don't really give a rodent's behind about Tiger and his woes.  He and his pimps, oh I mean handlers, oh I mean friends, oh I mean associates will all come out of this slightly chastened, but fine.  Anyway, disco is what I was talking about.  The article had a lot of great quotes, pictures and history of the rise and fall of disco. Wouldn't you have loved to had drinks at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol.   I was definitely "into" disco during the decline, I was 13ish.  "Saturday Night Fever" was the beginning of the end.  Once something is that mainstream it has to make way for the new, hopefully that means we are at the end of hip-hop/rap crap.  Although, disco falls under the crap heading also.  But, think of how glorious John Travolta was in that movie. The only guy to ever look good in white pants!

I guess since I brought up Tiger I should continue on to perfidious politicians.  John Edwards has acknowledged that Quinn is his daughter.  What a great guy he is, coming clean like that.  Just another schmo. The article said he has been keeping a low profile, doing volunteer projects in Nicaragua and participating in "good old-fashioned work".  He is probably paying big bucks to a PR firm and that is all they can come up with, doesn't say much.  I will also be fair and comment on Mrs. Robinson.   In the U.S. there would never be a newspaper heading of "Who Else Is Shagging Mrs. Robinson?", but that is what one of the papers across the great pond asked.   Did she know Tiger Woods?

I have reached the point where I can't help with Ellen's math(last year actually), but now I seem to be having trouble with Social Studies.  Why have I never heard of Moldova?  I think it is what I need to name my laundry room.  Why have I never heard of Andorra?  Isn't that a kind of wool?  I think life may have been geographically easier when it was all just the U.S.S.R.  It was a relief to label that huge space of the map with just those four letters when I was a kid.  I remember getting a star, because I did such a good job with the colored pencils. 

I got a Snuggie for Christmas, a bright pink Snuggie (more GD breast cancer merchandising).  I haven't been able to use it, because the kids like it so much.  They wear it and drag it all over the house, so it is covered in dog fur.  I did see the tv ads and think, "who in the world would buy one of these?".  I have been converted.  The one time I have used it, it was warm and toasty. I am going to try and include a picture of Ellen in MY Snuggie, she looks like a pink Jedi.  I need the Snuggie, because I have been keeping the heat down so low that I have to wear mittens - makes it hard to type.   The heat is down low and like everyone else,  I still got walloped with a big bill.  See down below for my sentiments on winter.  

I know you are all riveted to my ant problem, so here is the update.  Two days, no ants.  After putting out the cinnamon/chili powder concoction, orange peels, raid traps and torro traps, I don't seem to have ants.  I think the little bastards are just reconnoitering somewhere and waiting to make their move.  I think the queen has encased herself in a bubble (moop) and so none of the poison tracked in ever touches her.  Ned has probably dropped a fruit snack somewhere and they are heading to it as I type.  I have no confidence that they have left the premises for good.

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  1. Moldova and Andorra sound to me like the names of planets on the old Star Trek (you just KNOW Captain James T. Kirk did the nasty with some Andorran chicks....)

    At least now, with the innernetz, you can look things up for her without having a 48 volume encyclopedia.

    Also, I have not heard about Mrs. Robinson. Who is Mrs. Robinson, other than a character in an old movie?